Sunday, March 21, 2010

another day.

the title of the post already sound... fruitful nor not, i dont know... without doing any homework through out the week =( I'M DOOM! god.

woke up early after 3 hours plus of sleep; head down for a heavy breakfast - yi mee, wan tan mee and chee chong fun with yong tau fu @@ is freaking *duh* heavy! well, once in awhile, doesnt matter XD

so, where are we heading to??...

Hot Air balloon fair in Putrajaya =)))

see how the brothers smiles under the sun
(when pretty girls passed by.LOL)

therefore, my day ended up with sun, grass, people and yamcha + yamcha! hee. now, my boy already in his dream without dinner where i hate to have delivery food =( anyhow, tomorrow will be a good day!
Taa, love.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


chicken i ate was salty,
juice was fresh :)
sleeping was crazy,
and the night is cosy.

i sat like a Japanese
cause i don't feel like sitting;
i squat sometimes
because i'm tired of sitting...

well, that's what i did the most while doing work ==''' but now i'm sitting cause i just squat. is been really long that homeworks are stick to me. busy with assignment isn't a problem yet THESIS! being graduate is really terrify =( just do hope to stay in college...

still, my daay ain't bad. with movies, makan, swimming-lepak, makan, mah jong, and MAKAN! haah. that's had scared everyone.

while i'm on shift, they're my love!~

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

i didn't talk for the past 5 hours before the next day comes... it's rare. maybe im just sic of talking after the 6 hours shift ==''' just hope the day shine like usual. or choc fudge will help *finger-cross*

Monday, March 01, 2010

closing for the luna tiger

after viewed through some blogs,i decided to blog too!using phone to blog is fun!especialy in the toilet! (cause just poo-ing whitout doing anything is really wasting of time,and hope that the owner don't blame *sorry*)
well, for the last day of cny the guys still continue their vegas plan with non-stop meals!asides of that,still getting ang!
poker set is following like a baby needs his mom!wherever they're, there's the set!good mummy =P

so, what's new resolution for the year?

1. POKER! and more poker!!!
2. beer. of cause ;)
3. mah-jong maniac (strictly lane's residents only!)
4. more pizza house-party (ok?jasmine...)
5. kills the assignments paper =(

good year peeps!