Tuesday, September 30, 2008

1. A psycho?: NO!er...sometimes??...hehe
2. A nerd?: nah~ no
3. Ghetto?: maybe... yes
4. Two-faced?: hmmm... NOt really :)
5. Obnoxious?: NOpe
6. Immature?: sometimes~ yes
7. Mature?: sometimes too... yes
8. Moody?: er... maybe now, yes...
9. Alcoholic? NOt consider
10. Lovable?: can say so... yes :D

for you, on me :)

1. What do u think I'll be when I grow up?:
2. (a) Do u think I'll get married?:
(b) If u do..who do u think I'll marry?:
3. When is my birthday?:
4. Who is my best friend?:
5. What song (if any) reminds u of me?:
6. Do I remind u of any characters on TV?:
7. If u could rename me...what would my name be?:
8. Have u ever had a dream ab o ut me?:
what was it?

9. If u could give me anything...what would it be?:
10. If u could promise me anything..what would it be?:

Tag 5 people after you did this.
Let them know you better ;)
Lunch with my summer babe :)
before we spent over the day for last class.
and went out for movie,
plus shopping the whole day!
plus my guardian angle during dinner...
then supper together with my bunnie & jasmine flower~

will be another for me and summer!
to chill again :D

Sunday, September 28, 2008

After a dead-fish night...
summer cooked me lunch.
nutrition brown rice,
with sausages
and egg.
dressing - tabasco and cili sauce

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I AM??
1. Quiet Loud?
- both...
2. Short Tall?
- average.but, my mum feels i'm short... XP
3. Weird or Original
- BOTH!!! that's me!
4. Nice or Mean
- erm... i don think i'm mean,so... nice :)
5. Friendly or Selfish
- friendly~
6. Normal or 'Special'
-50% normal,40% 'special',10% wild! haha!
7. Smart or Stupid
- normal
8. Boring or Fun
- definitely fun!and i can be boring sometimes...
9. Attractive or Unattractive
- hmmm... tough question XD


Have you ever try??

hmmm... have you ever try Campbell soup?

with pasta??
I think everyone may/may not try out this combination
but it's tasty~

how about...
... ... ...
... ... ..
... ... .
... ...
... ..
... .

Hehe! it's even tastier!
together with pasta :)

I had a creamier meal ever!

the past old time

woah! found this picture from one of blogger pal...

Is been awhile we never held a dinner together

time flies~ people comes and goes...

Anyway, that's really memorable :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

checked mood today~ lovely :D

just can't resist the colour!

There is a give received by my guardian angle...
she got a teddy on the first day of her class~
how sweet was it!

BUT... ... ...
she don't like the sender! *ouch!

What to do... she is lovely~ really :)

And this is what she get for the 'unwelcome' teddy

.a shit massager.

She is doing her homework while i'm having FUN with it...

my .masterpiece. XD

While posting my blog, the lof-able girl -- summer msn with me...
and what she asked was the old email address... ridicules!!!
but i love her attitude *wink

Thursday, September 25, 2008

wee~ fresh shower after the jog...

I was waken by the text before the jog
because I don't even realize the alarm ring!
sad case...

Anyway,i manage to get ready in 10mins.i think :D

Then, go for only 3 laps of 200meters...

hmmm... should to catch up with more exercises now...

Is time for my breakie~ *ta~ra! hungry stomach*

8:52 a.m.

After the hawker breakie,
we had some 'politic' chats in the playground!
(haha! luckily never get cough!
just some talking... blah~blah...)

Then, is time for me to place my head
on the comfy pillow...zzzZZZZzzz....

11:52 a.m.

Night time delight at Dome

the piece of thingy in the middle of those drinks
like a mudpie...

it's a Fluntine

a dessert that made by honey,
and peanuts.

That had caused me sugar-rushed!
I almost fainted
after finish up the whole thing and the fussy koala...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Check shirt! black & white is today's mood ;)

tomorrow will be a day for me...
I will be going jogging in the morning!

Awh!!!i'm looking forward :D


Monday, September 22, 2008

Today is our first class after the 5 months break!!!

finally,we get to go college
and live life like a student!again~

The first class-started-lunch,
in WongKok...
with 4 more babes & dudes~

And end of the day,
left us~

.the graphic students : shingyee + shireen.

.the business students : shirlyn + summer.

my weekends...

*p-o-p-p-y friday~

*telawi star bistro saturday...

*Mcd sunday!

*monday class starts *wee~~eee~~

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hehe... got my goodie bag :)

with some purchase... not given face although we're staff. sad larh~

Besides goodies, we get cotton candy~ on the spot...

so,there go my work...

getting it for them~
:.the candy plus zaime.:

And she was eating in front the cashier! how dare you!!! syada! *hek~hek~hek~*

:.bites with our winter uniform.:

my dinner tonight.
due to the heavy lunch this afternoon X[

I took light dinner on the day before too... because of the heavy lunch~

:.the dessert.:
:.main course.:

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today 2pm onwards~

yeah!!!i'm really gonna shop!
too~bad~ i gonna help :[---

my aim
is on checked shirt! wee~ee~~

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Argh!!! i hate the application forms!
stupid online application!
makes me confused T_T"""""
damn the fricking forms *sucks!* XP
me...immune :) by caffeine

Hmmm... almost everyday i take coffee. but i'm still not than insane until 5 cups a day! my babe took coffee to often. a cup a day,at least. 5 cups was her record now... she drank it like plain water... superb insane! caffeine-maniac. until one day she took coffee and stayed up for 2days. tired-less. that is really scary babe... i'm afraid that she'll die, if the world is out of coffee beans. hahaha!

Luckily i'm not that extreme. i'll still take other beverages,depends on mood :) but,recently i hooked up with coffee... i need a cup at least for 2days... hmmm... wonder why this happen. it is another slump?? nah! just an illusion =p

Yesterday, i had cappuccino white coffee with the fish fillet mayo egg sandwich...

.the raw one.

.the delicious and lovely one.

Today, is a warm one...

brazilian roasted coffee with chicken porridge.

.the outcome.

Those are my hooked up moment with caffeine. *cheers!

Monday, September 15, 2008



if really there's a chance,
i don't wish to go...

just wanna stay here
and everything just can be like normal :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

i'm aimless without those acts...
it's been two days,
just hope it'll be like normal while i'm still here *wishing*


now!i'm hopeless!!!!
chatting with a
100W bitch power money making machine!
is cause me nerve pain~
how can a underage think of such thing...
it's really out of my mind...

last, i still wanna wish you good luck larh

on your spec-less first day :D

Saturday, September 13, 2008

what can we do while bathing??

nah!too normal...

IMPOSSIBLE!!!the shower wets everything!gosh!

NO way~... erm... hold on a sec... ...
i did that!
eating while showering~

i was late this morning, so i just grab the bread and ran in shower.
it's all because of my mom!
she wants me to take my breakfast,no matter WHAT!!!
(she will kills me if i don't do that X_X|||)
hmmm... i keep that routine besides not to disappoint her,
and also look after my health :)

yeah!i did it!
just for once!in the shower XD

Friday, September 12, 2008


what a friday night~
empty store...
quiet walkway~
but,playful heart!

the after buka mood XD

the selling skills~

the unplanned one...

.the end.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

woh!'heart' of my day~
a day a coffee,
panda come near you *winks*

but,it's bitter...yucks!!!

Babylon a.d.

Try to leave a comment after you guys watch it
i'm looking forward on it :)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

sweet lollie :)

it's not just an ordinary lollie
the friendship lollie~
it shares 4 of us

*cheap~ wei!!!*

sharing is caring!!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

wee~ lovely day :D

hmmm...to celebrate i started working again,mama - shingyee & me went for a lunch date.sweet huh ;)

while having our lunch,we had a very 'lovely' argument
all is because of this plate of bbq meat!

bird??or chicken??
BIRD!(she said)
CHICKEN!(my though)

in the end,we asked the waiter...

and the looser is!!!!!!!*ta~da~*

the award goes to... ... ...
lee shing yee!!!
the so-called BIRD eater!!!HAHAHA!!!

the punishment

besides that,i already got my prize for being the winner X(

*fricking shy*

Saturday, September 06, 2008

we roll with the 42below and lime

chill babe!miss you much.xoxo.
im really glad for the call :)
i'll remember it
'tiada lagi' - ami
i'll remeber you,
the past will just be the memory between two of us
take care and live happily :D

Friday, September 05, 2008

bad days & good days :)

I miss my wireless!!!wa~ so sad never get to online :'(
hmmm...at least i got my thing done :D
went back home to settle down some last minute stuff

my lovely one :)
it was so bad until run out of car battery!*sad*

randomness while waiting for the carpenter XD


the day before this,
my girl's day was ruin by ...

yea!a padlock!!!


here comes the good days after those fricking days...


the chicks XD

and my prop!she's mine XP

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


i spurge too much and i forgot about my budget!!!
i'm broke :(
really broke...not seriously yet :D

Monday, September 01, 2008

a playful day~

wee~another day for us to shop!haha
actually is working day...just went there earlier to get things done :D
last day of mega sales!!!sure larh set our target,then run for it!!!

after an hour,we had done our grabbing~ all done...
so,it's time for food and ready to go for work X(
*hope this is not the last lunch before i go~*

<< the old & the new >>

and that will be with me for 4 months :)
The answer for August 18th,monday!!!


p/s: that are only 2 girls racks...