Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I like Nini :) i like her comes by before night.that's the perfect timing.sarah shouted suddenly...annoyed me.911 recuse to the factory!fuu...what an evening.that 4 hours kinda kill me.but it helps a lot too in the other way ;)
Tips received, caramel choc with the harden drizzle recharged my tiredness.looking out the door, strong wind blowing, leaves shaking...twilight is the time i heart!

there is always scarifice in return of good will!

term of J & W :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009


a morning rainy day.with a head of messy hair,a cup of tea and a few buns...it brings my day :)

second brunch with kel, the papa.summer, the hottie *wink* shireen, the brooze queen :D

good to take meal with them.

evening is the bad time.cut my tumb.splited the drinks.

love sarah (mobile).

couldn't take myself away from her :D

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Raya!

working today was so happy!like reunion meal...makan and makan.yet still makan *sliver drooping*

gum.lemang.rendang daging.tupat.rendang.lemang.coffee jelly.walnut brownie.water.steamboat.ice cream.tobacco.gum.water melon jiuce.tabacco.water...

so,i'm now fully loaded with food!store for tomorrow unconfirmed shift :D selamat hari raya again. mohon maaf zahr and batin


Saturday, September 19, 2009

back in the rosie lane

rain pouring cats and dogs,i'm feeling warm with my girls and boys ;) good to have them home and working together. soon,classes will be starting.everyon will be busy.hate that!but what to do...students are ment to live life that way.

we had it all together!
everyone is home to share some love *heart*

Sunday, September 13, 2009

well,after the trip were working or the whole week.and more working before i get my class started.cleared my hours then i will have more days off.heh.im calculative.no doubt :P who really know me long enough do find out...extra hours working the company did not pay!wtf.yet they said it wasn't OT,if it is the manager of the day will inform.no fair!!!stupid shit of them.anyhow,im satisfice too by getting those employee's beverages...pros and cons.normal deal :)

back to old time boy's band addict.Boyzone.911.98 degree.carve for more stress realese songs.still looking forward to club with my chicks.they're now out of town.left me home alone :( actually is me too spendrift X_X''' haha.

pity me with my green toe nails.and the four round,small,furry,little friend that 'zitt' in their house.anyway,just hope they have a good time in the island :)