Thursday, July 31, 2008

my uniform - Part I

hmmm...nothing much to do,cam-whore myself in the uniform (for monday & thursday) :)

Rating for the day:
top - 20% -> cheerful & energetic
the other - 10% -> normal matching~
accessories - 10% -> just nice...
environment - 10% -> kind of bright
mood - 20% -> actually 50% at first,but end of day tooth ache plus miss-ing :(
Total - 70%

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


hmmm...things change~
everyone has their thoughts,as
all of them stopped the job and get other else...
maybe it's kind of tired for them

as for me,
everything is just being start
it does not include the job,
but life...
i'm still here because of one reason
we had this done...

3years and 8months;


is miss shirlyn

and mr. shamus jr.

not double :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

sunshine (*o*)

just my day with the chocolate biscuits...
and serial movie~
the night

Part I - banana leaf,
maggi goreng pedas,
limao ice;
free-hand & second-hand smoker
... ... ...

Part II - McD,
sundae cone
my tired little miss fun~

Saturday, July 26, 2008


my day is really cheerful :)
just the smoke,
had makes everything goes fine ;)

and...Oh!i forgot my cloths are still in the washing machine~~~
stop right there!you choco' head!

work today really fun!we served...we clean...we joke...and we play along...with cadbury & meiji chocolates cookies~ yummy and fun (shhh!...this is happen after the supervisor went back) ;D

and also one more important thing

my bow session ;)
this will be the thing i always proud of...

Friday, July 25, 2008

this is what we did while we're free~ (suppose...)

songs sending...
and done~ (=

so,there go me to work *brump~~*

The interview is over~~yohoo!!!it is just an hour,yet is an horrible 1 hour...*release*


The result coming out next week!oh no!not again...the nervous,butterfly feeling is back again~

Thursday, July 24, 2008

out of sudden...

Aiyaya~~today is not an off day for me ar T_T i was so happy this morning until syada called...wawa~~ but,there is still a thing makes me feel good to work on my off day :) although it just last until 6.30pm,i think that already enough for me ;D

And,now i figure out the place that i love to shop the most is -- BOOKSTORE!!!

I *heart* books!!!
another rocky breakfast day

off-day seem to be relaxing,but yet boring T.T... what to do... eat and online :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the boringness

I was super free while working...until i did... ... ...

can anyone tell what is this??
it's in pair, pure white,tight at the bottom

is the white skinny jeans on store!

the day is just kinda free to let me misbehave.while i'm still 'playing' with my 'own game',stocks came~~ T_T the tired part for the day had begun... ... ... there i went to work till my back ache v.v
bow-ing day
Ah!~~ is a tired day~ noon shift is really makes people moody =(
what to do...the timetable is equally divided our working hours~
besides,the after work entertainment is tiring and dinner(i consider that is...) all the way to Curve.

But,there is somethings cheer up my day =)

my bow tying technique =D
1st bow,on prom dress
2nd bow,on bubble skirt3rd bow,on tailor pants
and before closing,4th bow,on 3/4 sleeve puff shirt

So,these are the things that make me proud of myself.haha!!!i'm a bow tier!i think maker may sound nicer ;P

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

I was having a good mood too today :) with my healthy milk & rocky strawberry sticks (sponsor by mr.shamus jr,not i everyday wanna eat.btw,i prefer chocolate) although busy with those cloths,my mood just as good as sunshine :DD i've my work done,and the songs on.nickelback,disagree,the veronicas,the calling... i'm just so in the mood~

>After break,the happy mood goes down...down...and down... :( i got no idea what is going on...
Oh!i got it!is my interview!(NO~!!!)is on this friday~~ i was so freaking scare and nervous about that!gosh!i couldn't sleep well after knowing the news since last friday...and the important thing is i still can't log-in to check my result!Argh!!!~~ it's just not good!i freaking out here!!!
but...the plan beside the interview is not confirm yet! ): i'm so~so~ excited for that!i'm going to be outdated if i'm not going to recharge and take some air!(erm...the air over there is not really what i want larh...i'll use to breath that to fulfill my life!!!)

Well,now...what to do??...planning on the programs that will be coming ups =) *hooray for me!!!*
my supper!!! deliver on 12a.m.
by: mr. shamus jr,the deliveryman :DD
finish by: ms. shirlyn goh siling,the eater ;E

Sunday, July 20, 2008

For the whole day,i feel great!because... ... ...
today's sales is unbeatable compare to sunway,
but not mid valley :(

anyway,my mood is freaking good until i can tie a cute bow (=

listening - estelle ft. kanye west-american boy
doing -
dinner/supper with my babes!definitely we will have a great time ;)
there goes the missy with the chick bitches~to the 24/7 McD :B

:+9.32 pm+:

the gathering feast,with the beautiful bops of mama,shingyee(white t) & apple(black t) XD

this cutie lil' bun (my meal,to be actual...) is molested by my missy sunshine which injured her leg while bang into a bike -.-|||

Friday, July 18, 2008


I'm kinda dumb today...forgot the way to old wing~what am i thinking?!...actually i'm on the phone,with mama,shingyee.she went to work with me.but she's doing shopping while i'm serving people during SALES!!!NO FAIR~NO FAIR~

> After 4 hours of working...

BREAK TIME!!!(dying for that!cause no one will resist it :DD)

But there's an accident happened!shingyee were so close got rape by a taxi driver!!!gosh!what a damn!!!the driver can masturbate while driving!!!that is really a f**king bastard!a**hole!!!she was so scare and crying while phoning me.

And,that is not her first time got into this kind of incident!the first time was while she was walking to college for afternoon class,five indian guys came down from a van and run toward her!
that was shocked her!luckily she was near the college gate and the security guards were there.


listening - kayne west-stronger,
doing - loading movie,
with my make-up,leggings,skirt n singlet(my worn-in uniform)
my signature (:

i'm back with my life
everything just start all over again (=

i'm me!
shirlyn goh siling ;)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


actually i'm off today (:
just posting for fun

just for today (':
i'm going to have fun!

too bad it start at 7pm
nah!i'll do something to fill my free time
no worries :D


Monday, July 14, 2008

my dearly lolly~ just send me a rainbow =)
i need a shoulder!
to lay on...
to rest on...
to cheer with...

i think i have one
the closest one (:

time fies~~

2006 till now

Saturday, July 12, 2008

can't smile without you

you know i can't smile without you
i can't smile without you
i can't laugh and i can't sing
i'm findin' it hard to do anything

you see i feel sad when you're sad
i feel glad when you're glad
if you only knew what i'm goin' through
i just smile without you

you came along just like a song
and brighten my day
who'da believed that you were part of a dream?
now it all seems light years away

and now you know i can't smile without you
i can't smile without you
i can't laugh and i can't sing
i'm findin' it hard to do anything

you see,i feel sad when you sad
i feel glad when you're glad
if you only knew what i'm goin' through
i just can't smile without you

now some people say happiness takes so very long to find
well i'm finding it hard leavin' your love behind me

and you see i can't smile without you
i can't smile without you
i can't laugh and i can't sing
i'm findin' it hard to do anything

you see i feel glad when you're glad
i feel sad when you're sad
if you only knew what i'm goin' through
i just can't smile without you...

barry manilow

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

6 - 7 july

is been a month i never meet up my parents...what a sad case :'(
luckily i've 2 days off to visit them!happy me :)

i don't think they miss me!WUA~~
just kidding!
they won't show it on the face,but in the heart...

hmmm...what i was doing while im home??...
oh ya!i'm HUNTING for FOOD*evil smile*

1st dishes,
mum's cooking
- that's all money can't buy ;)

2nd dishes,

pisang goreng!!!
i had idam it for A LONG~LONG~TIME

3rd dishes,
bihun goreng ala singapore

then,it continue to the following day...
4th dishes,
chicken rice...pok~pok~ke~!

5th dishes,
'hi giao' mee + fish head porridge

6th dishes,
kerang!lala~!fish ball campur!and...cutter fish panggang~heaven babe ;D

7th dishes,
and also my breakfast before saying goodbye with my parents -- nasi lemak

these are what i feed my stomach.but... ...
i'm still not satisfied with it =(
what to worry for...i'm a melaccan!hehe

even though i got to eat those food i missed...
meeting all those friends...
bought what i want...
there is one thing i'll never forgive myself is
i never get to celebrate dad's birthday with him

happy belated birthday,pa!

Friday, July 04, 2008


instant noodles is not good for health,but is tasty to eat huh ;)

mamme vegetarian noodles

cheese crackers
main course
it became more cheezzy~ with mayo :)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008