Friday, March 18, 2011


not good at all =(
march sound like summer approaching, but i'm lifeless... BUT, ...


no worries!! my "summer" coming soon *:]

well, my 3rd month really-insanely-terribly that i'm living just for the sake my parent =.=
lifeless till you can smell... nothing!!

the emptiness that only can tell by puff-ing;
i will only take 1, for more than 1o days,
no worry cause my "antibiotic" last very long for me =)

luckily there is another substitute;
too bad i'm only addictive to *bucks. ha, ha.

so, over the month i just manage to watch a movie..
very English' movie that might (i can say) change a teenage going to young adult


Sunday, March 06, 2011


i miss you when jay's song is played,
puff-ed my message to you;
wish that you could receive,
luckily you noted;
im glad,