Friday, December 28, 2007

More than words can say...

The Backdrops
Talent Night
Dance Performances

Fashion Show

Campfire Night

Things u can only see durin


hamper stolers

have fun until fall a sleep on the whiteboard

evybody bcame famous..wat i mean is dey keep write n write their detail for each other ^^

brothers &

sisters evywer (i mean really siblings!!)

big bunch of ENERGETICS participants...

and definately

Everybody L.O.V.E. Holiday Work Camp!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Is it LOVE is so complicated?or it juz a thg tht we take it too complicated...even though boys can be emotional sumtyms.while in love,dey become calculative.a tough guy may cry cos of love.What love really is?is tht a feelin..or juz an enjoyment...i'm still learnin although i'm in love.we can't resist love when it comes frm can be as sweet as can be as sour as lemon n it can be as bitter as anythg in da world...da sweetness is the moment with love.the sourness comes through jealousy..n the bitterness is the tym leaving...tht's da bitter-sweet of love.try it out with ur courage..only u can feel da origin taste by involve in it Y

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Today is my 'BFF' day..we went out to hav our year end movie-ENCHANTED.tht is a nice movie.n magical~(thr's no magic in da real world.rite..)aftat is our spree time!!!hehe.sales already,have to start 'collecting' stuff.we shopped until da mall close.surely get alot of collection tho..we bought sum shoes..bags..definatly sum pressie.Is season greeting evyone!!!Ozo fun n joy wit my bestties =)
Summer.with her newly scarf
2.Shing yee,with her baru sampai look :-P
Me,with my excited face ^^,
Tht is our fancy faces b4 we start our grabbing work.*wahaha...*i got a pair of moster's pets.dey're juz so LOVELY!bobo&pipi..ain't dey cute??...i hope i could own all of dem!Awh...

Aft a day of 'hardwork',i realised bein a man ain't easy.dey must been through a lot of obstacles n sufferin..sumhow,i believe happyly ever after is juz right here waiting...


Sunday, December 02, 2007

my day

As usual...unhappening mornin..with the laptop n chillin' drirk (chill mean cold,but mine jux 'sweat'.cos no fridge xx,) of course wit my cartoon again..
Luckyly i've a weddin lunch wit shamus.changed n wait for meal.wit an empty stomach...reached thr is tym for my stomach.wit da reandang ayam,nasi briyani,sayur campur n oren jus *malay's weddin surelah malay food* hehe..aft pengantin bersidang, we left wit a cute little paperbag wit bunga telur.
Then jalan-jalan wit his parents.auntie surelah wana enjoy her day.he pulak kacau...really can,t let ppl enjoy themself.sure must buat kacau..neway,tht is his job larh...half way shoppin in iKea,he pulak sit at the sofa lyk his own hse..(tht's wat he usually did) if nv let him sit sure disturb others lyk hell!!!
Today,eat too much d.first is malay food..den burger king..lastly thai food..Ohhooo...too full for stomach bcome buncit 'O'...sumhow,thx to him.makes my day full of food...hehe..lLyn.shirlyn

Saturday, December 01, 2007


What will u do when u're alone??watch books..mb mags..or hang out wit sum best fun when frens're around,but when dey're not..sure we'll feel do,im sumwer apart frm my family n da closest one is not around..what should i do?! will be juz a day for me.hehe.woke up in da empty room(is not empty actually..juz full of stuff q:) den start wit my laptop..untill i can't stand it for da whole mornin wit dis piece og technology!!..cos da one always makes me chill was not here(wat i mean is da one i lyk to kacau..he is not here,so i hav to shUt uP con't wit da junk)is not a prob aft all.i can find my thgs to do my task..(Urgh...)no choice for sure.who wanna do sumthg tht's bored when u're alone??take a rest,hav a break hav a kitkat.*oops..i had finished up last week Xp*,no break well do sum cleanin.for da past 2 mths i nv do any arranging for my books!oh god..luckyly i've not more books an easy job for me^^ 7The look aft cleanin..althogh not really neat,but i had did sumthg nice ti my room(it should be glad)finally is tym for me to EAT!i really glad.haha..den shoppin wit my b*itches(b*tches' fren foreveR)these're wat we shop.n these're mine..ALL MINE!!! (ahhahhhaahaha...) 8 these're da only stuff tht could accompany when i'm loney X) i shopped for my room too.a refreshener.makes it smell better..hoo~~tht's my day wit my did silly thg again..choose purse for myself.why we nit to hav choices??makes us difficult n fun...(wat the heck)i think tht's my boringness make me did stupid thought.n those are my victims 6 non-living pals..

Friday, November 30, 2007

Is been awhile i don't really have tym to enjoy really happy n release when we're enjoyin..1 thg we should keep in mind is...don't forget ur own responsibility!!!i'm da one who really forgot abt ridiculous!!!so,this is da tym to let me repay it.GOSH...!!!is really unpredictable.i've quite a number of work nit to complete.(wat a good student act)i had creacked my head n try to complete sum of really creacked my head!!! +
Luckyly when i were crackin my d*mn head i found sum other ways to realise it.
this is how i do my window n my cartoon.tht's preety end of da day,i realised tht i had finished my cartoon but not my task!!! X( what a relaxin idea..*die~*aft this incident,i changed.done my task properly n get stress again..(actually not tht stress*saja*)so,i decided to let myself relax again(owh no...another misery tym to take care =X)haha..don worry.this tym i release stress with another cartoon with work(cos i had finished it any spare..wawawa)this tym,i done my task den hang out with my frenz.we hang out at the most borin concert.with the crowd tht has extra ordinary smell*sweaty & warm*which frm the hair n armpit.phew!!!really new experience for us.. @.@ at least tht is a way of relax...natural perfume,but TOXICANT!!!besides the 'aroma therapy',i still hav other ways to relax..hehe.not the cheap n misery way,but the healthier way.aft my 2nd task,i had a good meal.den with a glass of refreshin fruit juice.woah!!!it may change ur hetic day.hmmm...with these normal relaxin way,it's still can makes my stress away...a few days aft the works given,the sickness*stress* came really burden.wanna play,but cant.juz stuck thr...for no reason.i did stupid thg again..when i were out wit my frenz,i saw the exhibition of Jacob' not mouth exhibition,but eyes...uhh....seem it's so borin,so i counted da biscuits tht displayed also tired while doin stupid stuff.juz count...can't even taste it...@#$!*% (actually no one ask me to count it,juz too bored n cari pasal =P)The exhibition...not wat i had aspect.get to see..get to smell..nv get to eat =(
the Paris tower..juz da size is different n it looks so real inside out.den the Thaj Mahal.wit the biscuits small door.wat a nice n fine architecture @o@... (art of the biscuits)if compare abt architecture,where can miss Malaysia' tallest building..the Petronas Twin-Tower... yohoo~~giv it around applause *clap...clap...clap...* the building should be 1 taller then another 1.but dey made it same height..hmmm....aft dis tour(the boring one..haha) hav to start to do my task again...wat a course ='( start with happiness,end with heartless(what a proverb)untill now,i still not yet complete the latest task.owh...untill when ni i can finish up all those stuff n relax totally..?
This is wat i left now..uhh.....still hav 3 more to worries,be happy..cos i hav my candy wit me at da way till i finish all my task ^^


Thursday, November 22, 2007


he is the one i noe very well..bein with him is lyk an adventure..a roller-coaster ride...

this is how he ate durin travel..(while he is in the car) he eat whatever that can eat...*what a GooD boy* hehe..

drinks...defenatly Ice bLeNded!! with some kind of grass... J
pasta...pasta...n more pasta!!!

sumtyms sushi is his fav tooo Y

Daily Gadget:

the communication gadget..with his wristband-CONFIDENT

survival kit which contain food!! case to dump evythg in
entertaiment kit..tht's evythg for him

Now, he is studyin abt GIRLS.totally abt it.besides, he did research too.n found a great book to recommand to evyone who wanna learn...

Through out these time, i had learnt a lot from him.thx to him my life become colourful.shaMuS is his name... :)