Saturday, May 31, 2008

end of May...

is 31st!!!i wanna eat baskin robins!!!...i think it will only happen in next week :') i was freak out today! is bored while betities are working...*sign*

is ok i think...while i woke up, already 2 plus in the afternoon. so,is kinda easy to pass the day.hehe.while you're going to have holidays, it'll be frust when you can't get to do going crazy by watching drama series and variety show... i finished 2 sets of drama and season 2 of project runway.gosh!!! im so indulged with those series and tv show.i don't want to become an addict!!!help me!!!*shout out loud*

luckily im still conscious about what am i doing Q= i cleaned part of the room and did the laundry.fuu~~ at least some part of the room already clean then it won't cause me too busy on next week.mention about next week, i desperately can't wait for it to come!!!because after my last lad test, i'll be free~like a bird*tweet~tweet~* im having 3 months holidays~~

im waiting...waiting...waiting for tomorrow too!(=
and now,continue my movie q:

Friday, May 30, 2008


i'm just a collector... but i use what i've collect :)
i collected... ... ...

:+:nail polishes:+:
:+:colourful pens:+:

and there is one collection that i LOVE the most

:+:tag of my cloths:+:

but, that is weird that i never collect something that i use 24/7...
my tongue & navel stats

i've spare for it, but not collecting...


Guess what!!! i got my first pressie from ROXY~
yeah~yeah~ although just a discount voucher
but it valid for the whole month!!!

should be a big smile "Y"
..the polka dot cute card..
..the present..

so, JUNE is going to be the month i shop till drop ~*o*~

Thursday, May 29, 2008

2 down!!! 1more to go...

yippee~~ maths and account exam is over!!! yuhoo~ im glad that had pass (= i were lack on confident on my maths test.i don even get it!it is almost the same from the revision exercise! doubt!!! XS
there is one thing i were glad was i get to answer the accounting question!im so happy about that =D when i were in my secondary school,my accounting was suck!i only know about the cash book...balance sheet...and... ... ... i think that is all i know *shy*
the coming subject and also the last one is analysis business lad test. gotta do plenty of exercise larh~...


while we are studying, snack is most important!hehe...i think that is for me larh -S.S- chips is my midnight snack.cause in the middle of the night wanna cook is very leceh...

then morning bites is my apple crisp not really tasty,but no choice larh~ lazy to prepare...lazy to buy...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i want a lego statue!!! he is a cute carpenter
and there is jon...
looking at indiana jone's toys
because never get to watch it ='(

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

is not my pride
i've been PRAISE due to my heart
i can be as PRETTY as a butterfly
yet i can STING like a bee
nothing can compare me
but a witty SUNFLOWER
that makes the sun SMILE
i can be as cold as WINTER
yet the SUMMER heat lies upon me
which makes a MAN smile
nor CRY
i've a LOVER that never say GOODBYE
yet i don't know why
he once give me LAUGHTER
sometimes give me ANGER
but now
by the WORDS of his mouth
he had SURRENDER his soul
to gain the bliss of ONE

Monday, May 26, 2008

"Don't play while shopping!"

At last, jon came back from Singapore with the girlfriend!huu~~ shamus had waited for a longtime...hehe
after dinner in Murni, jon wanna buy some stuff for his breakfast. is time for groceries!

..Big baby boy in the trolley with the big Daddy..


i were stomach ache!!!!is because of the meal!!!we got our so-called dinner,maybe breakfast in 2 a.m. gosh!!!really scary~ i'm not gonna have another meal at that time!if there is any circumstances, maybe (=

Sunday, May 25, 2008

mixture of my weekend

Before this week, i were having hectic weeks with those assignments. Even i were back at home, it still bother me.

Now, everything had passed (-: I reached home with enjoyment.hehe.
This week i found out one thing that proved i'm the descendent's of my MOM!We've the same gen.HAHA~
She shopped these in less than 30 minutes x)

I got myself bracelets, accessory
and another pair of flip-flops
I'm a collector tho =) but i use them too
I still get to have dinner with the Teo's family.
Japanese's food is the best!yum~
prawn...with the meatless head =P
BBQ pork and salad
Guess what!Hot Sakae -- rice wine, high alcohol content!
Today, we had Bak Kut Teh! I have been hunger it for almost a month!!!At last,dream come true (=

The main course and side dish

And now, i'm watching my anime *wink*

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I should not have break the promise!
I am sad for that...
I'm sorry, my Bitches
I'll not do it again...
Is my fault not to go with you guys
Hope that is a great evening for my Bitches!

dumb bitch #.#|||

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

the date

Before get ready to start my revision, we had a wonderful day :)
We had lunch together...
Movie together...
and shop together...
Then start my day with the books *-*
I had a BEST day (:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This is just part of the place with my so-called assignment paper...
Is time to say goodbye *evil smile*
Hold on...Opss!!!there is my slippers!hehe *shy*
The source of my energy ;-P

After those assignment papers, is time for the actual test x'(

Than only I will get my total freedom...

Can't wait mann!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

new clan

The new member for Teo family...Zues Walter Teo!!!*clap calp*
Welcome to the clan...muax =)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

time waster

I traveled 4 hours just to went back Malacca!!!What the problem is it?!
Normally, i travel 2-3 hours the most to reach Malacca from KL...
This time just because of the unefficient KTM - Keretapi Tanah Melayu, not functioning well...
It took me 2 hours from KL sentral to Batang Benar (a place in Nilai)!!!
That isthe time that i can travel back Malacca!!!
I'm so frust about that...
On the way, the KTM unfunction. The operator asked us to go down the train...
I'll never take KTM ever!!! NO!!!

I'm realise at last (=

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

protien dinner!yum!

Our dinner today really interesting...full of protein.Since i were sick back then, this meal is a payback*wink*.
The shop just have 2 tables of customer (include us...)
Weird... But what we care is the food (-;
Cause we're HUNGRY!!!*haha*

First, they served us our drinks and soup of the day - tomato delight.
Kind of jelak after finish the thing...

Then... Our main course is serve! The Fisherman Fish Plat

It has fillets, squids, prawns, country mushrooms, fries and butter rice...yum!

Halfway done....

Almost there... I'm working hard too =D

And... Finally, we made it!!! Finish the meal of the night (:

That is all in The Manhattan FISH MARKET

bitches indeed!!!

blue tee - missy froggie bitch a.k.a. ShingYee
green + white stripe tee - missy sunny bitch a.k.a. Summer
gray cardigan - missy bunnie bitch a.k.a. Shireen
black singlet - missy not-so bitch a.k.a. Jasmine

i miss them!!! ('=

missy cotton bitch

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

she is growing!!!

My pretty
Lucy girl is growing so fast!!!
1 month never meet her, she had grown big 30cm...
Cousin may think I'm a 'jakun' that i'm so surprise she is growing...
No comment about that xP
But, I've prove that doggie grow faster that human (:

(just the hypothesis...)

Know more about the puppy here.

busy...or too free??

Compare the amount...
These two are just water chestnuts. But...those cause me a lot of trouble!!!

The left one - cheap (Rm 2.45) but have to peal the skin, besides still lots rotten :(
The right one - expensive than the left one (Rm 4.49) yet sweet and tasty (:

So, which one should i choose??
My mum asked for the cheap with skin, instate of that i got the skinless one...
Until the end, i have to get the one with the skin on for her to boil the Chinese "leong cha"...

To pass time, i bought the jewelry seal (what is written on the packet larh...) to 'deco' the phone

Just nothing to do??...or just being busy...

Sunday, May 11, 2008


I think i've the wonderful lunch during the Mother's day...

She cooked me...erm... I mean the family...hehe~





herbal chicken soup...Yum!


Saturday, May 10, 2008

uncivil minded

We are on our way back Malacca...
The highway is
quiet and car less,
Just & air

Out of a sudden, a part of the sky covered by haze!!!
Oh my...

I just don't like haze!
what can i do??
I can't bend them for doing it...
This is the way they survive

I just hope the trees will be more happy
to get the "food" from it =)

Friday, May 09, 2008

Ego? or... love??

Darn... Another 300bucks "invested"... Just two bags!!!
Till when I could stop that?...

I don't think it will stop until the day i die...wawawa~
but, we got 4 passes (equal 8pax) to the Roxy summer splash...

plus : a stat...
a lovely rose stat

p/s: That is not my tongue :)
an apple necklace

These all caused my fruity purse left 2 piece of blue notes...

Is 2bucks...not 50...

Anyhow, it is not a problem... I'm going home!!!hehe~