Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Monday, April 28, 2008

long lost memory

AT LAST!!!The photographer gave the copy of these memories to me.already 4 months tho...yet the moments still keep playing i my mind.That was the reunion for this year...consider :P
That was the moments of Jon's 21st BIRTHDAY!
the cake *yummy~*the family
the VIP...the boys
the girls
After dinner,we went The Cube...chilled with the birthday boy (:
excited b-day boy
Swing~Shae Lyn & hers... Shirlyn + himcheers babe!!!doubleS-s
half way there...Jon~
yipee~where your eyes look at?!
Done!undone... ~.~that's the happy one =D

P/s : thanks to gaijin...the good one and the bad one too =P

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Brunch :
Asam Laksa + Air Kelapa

Tea-break :
yam + vanilla + strawberry + cone = ice-cream (:

Dinner : satay celup + movie = enjoy

Friday, April 25, 2008

twenty-fourth & fifth

24 April, We had no idea where to hang out due to YiYing's visit.so, just lepak at my house before get some inspiration...
That's what not so pro players playing the PS2 dance mat...
3x vs. 1y =D
After the sweaty games, my neighbors suggested to club.Wuu~ That was the most inspired idea for the us ;P

25 April, Due to the circumstances, one of us had an unclean arm...

Okay,that's none of our business :P after we had our SUBWAY burger breakfast, we head up to KLIA to get Jon's stuff...
Anyhow, i got a survivor.hehe...
Hey!!!stop playing with the candy!!!
U too!!!stop that!good wormy...NO!!!is a snake*dumb*

A sunny day to travel...
And there goes a day of this fler...zzzZZZ...~~

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

OU stress free

Today,we have our mood to watch movie...actually that is the routine :)

our port to wait taxi - so-called taxi stand

our way there

Before the movie,we get some stuff...

these are my 5th flip-flops that i'm using (which mean bside these,i've 4 more at home) :P

his collections...

After the movie,we head home and start our paper-work life :(

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday, April 20, 2008

That's what me + a canned of chicken soup ^^
and the freaking worth-to-watch anime -> Bleach

Okay!Is time to enjoy :-d *yum yum*

Saturday, April 19, 2008

day out

I had a shopping at Curve bazaar...I pay forty ringgit for transportation, food and stuffs.although it's not much, but im satisfy (:
vintage sling bag+my pipi
blue nail-polish
silver, blue & beads bangles

This is my day.with the sleepless panda eyes -@.@-

anonymous awaken

My phone rang before im conscious...the voice over the phone was just familiar yet i couldn't recognize =( cause the number was not in the name list *wawawa* the person woke me up and told me that he's in front my house, ask me clean up and go for makan...what a crazy thing!!!I though it was urgent, then jump up from bed and head to the bathroom...
Until i got everything settle and ran out the house...somebody were laughing in the car!After my awareness, that was my uncle!!!gosh!!!i were such humiliate in front of him and his friend )':
My uncle is same age as me,but his rank is much more higher then mine!!!Unbelievable!Cause his dad is my mum's uncle, so he's cousin to my mum...that's the story why my uncle is same age as me :D
We had lunch in Mcd (2 days of fast food for the week)

and there goes my day -A.A-

Friday, April 18, 2008

Randomness (#2 libretto)

thing on my table
hair gel, purse, assignment papers :(

cells in my laptop
youtube, blogger, window media player, MPFM - assignment's file )=

song im listening
superstar - lupe fiasco ft. matthew santos

cloths on me
singlet + shorts = hot (definitely...the weather)

user currently online in msn

last place i went

unhappy body part
toes' nail! - black nail polish leftover )':

thing beside me
phone, sun-maid raisin

colours on me
orange, pink, blue

favorite moment of the day
in the library :)


I had a sad double cheese burger on my tray =(
but,i'm happy with it!cause i can eat it!*muahahaha!!!~*
c'est tout ce que j'aime - i'm lovin' it ^o^

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I am doing this in class...HEHEHE~
cute little bear *wide smile*


I'm not going to do my work today!I'm such lazybump =P

Well,i sleep early.hehe!!NightzzZZZ~~~

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Yay!!!~I've time for my FAVORITE stress out act -- movies!!!
I had completed some of the movies below in this 2 weeks (if i'm not mistaken) *wink*

the spiderwick chroniclers
nim's island
L save the world
the water horse
street king - I watch it today :)
The gun shots were awesome!!!WAOH!

This is the cutes thingy i EVER see!

A chair that made by teddy bears!Full of it..gosh!!!it's all stick on the cushion.
I'll definitely get it if possible!but,who will wanna sit on those cute things??

another fav of mine.hehe.
too bad...i can't eat that :(


Ants!!! Shou!!ants!! Go far away from here!!! WAaaaaAAaaa!!!....

I don't like ants come to my table :( it's creepy!! If lots of them,i think i'll go crazy!

Surely...definitely...confirm :)

Energy Consume!

What else is more tastier than the whole grain chocolatey Koko Krunch?!it's really my saver when i'm losing my energy...yummy!!!*Shhh!!...That's just secret between you and me :-P*

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring must have

-Bon voyage-
bright light
princesses need!!!

-Old school-
white wash
green is the new 'pink'! - recycle thought :)