Sunday, August 31, 2008

so-called National day

woah!my merdeka lunch!mama a.k.a. shingyee~ prepared for
hehe...together with the ice makes my day :)

the belt that he couldn't use...*i'm not a dustbin wei!!!* but,i'll use it while i'm there.promise! ;)

then,the count down on top of the hills...what a lame place~ people's housing area lerh...
with those stupid mosquitoes...*i kill you!!!*

what we did there was

feeding...(the mosquitoes~)

blah~blah~blah~... ... ...
until we got tired and the mosquitoes get full XP

Saturday, August 30, 2008

saturday morning~
cloudy blues...
hopefully it will be a good day for me :)

someone please 'shou~' the fly off XD
goodbye to my little scarlet friend - sandy
thanks to for being with me through out the time :)
and you too!
you know who i mean

Thursday, August 28, 2008

i was kinda lucky today :)
got a cab after i worked
and he sent me where i should be...
he chargers me lesser then the meter point!
cause of no coins~
he's really good!
cheer to him!
have a good fasting month *smile*

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

cozy day~
so,what is better to eat??
maggi!(cepat dimasak,sedap dimakan :D)
yea!a bowl of maggi and
a outdoor dinning environment
is really perfect :)

we had our maggi picnic day after a day of heavy rain~
the night is romantic until we can't express with words...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

freak out! - part II

another day to settling my stuff~
today is better!
go in and out the bank~haha
i found elmo (i love him!!!) in this bank!

the alliance bank,
they still provided children playfloor for kids...
it's so sweet~

by the way,i bet it all from ikea!*i'm the supporter!* XD

done all my banking stuff~
cheer to my mom!thank you,ma!love you so much~

p/s:i don't dare to take her picture,scare she chuck me out the car XP

then,is my cousin!
she visited me with her lovely dog,lucy!

she's so huge!like a stuffed toy!

she and my cousin...
lucy looks fatter then my cousin!
santi!you need to gaint weight!
lucy is catchinh up!*wahaha*

here goes lucy's props...

Monday, August 25, 2008

freaks out!!!

i woke up 7a.m.,went out after half and hour later...

i had my breakfast on the road~

muffin on hand,tea in bag :D

Then,a 2 hours travel back home~

before reaching the station,my phone keep ringing...
just a corner,my mom can call my up to 5 times! *that's a new ginusse world record!XD*

after i came down from bus,my whole day was in the immigration center~
hmmm... ... ...hour and hour flies like water...

the moody face after lunch while heading back the 'efficient' center...


my cheecky face beside my dad tired one...haha!
but,i did bought him kuih to eat :) kari puff~ hehe

my 10p.m. plus
while my parents went out dating and pack for me
i'm so alone~ with my fish balls...haha!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

my uniform - part IV

the weekend 'auntie' uniform

and the good girl act...
sneaking out to get some boost! :D

the hang out due to the not-return-able room~

we waited until rain falls
had our two-some walk back :D

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy 22nd Birthday!summer~
Arghh!!!!out of drink water already!!!
NO!!!the kettle is empty too~
Gosh!im really dying this time...
Am'i so busy until forget about water is so~so~ important...

yea...i'm really busy~
shifting my stuff... ...
loading them to another new place
and now,i'm taking prune juice
yuck!it was too sour...sweet...and just not nice qX
night tea~

after quite a few weeks of working...
i mean really tiring,restless and hectic days (for shingyee)
cause almost everyday she had full...
and today we get to chill together :)

part 1
lil' secret with the secret recipe :D

the two-some...
jasmine tea for the waiting one...
ice-lemon tea for the seeking one...
and tiramisu for the lovely one...

*the birthday girl! - summer*
just too bad she isn't here,
cause she's in a better place *wink*

new product
shisa's flavour~
share at the first sight...
but now,i'm the only one taking *wawawa*
i'm going to distribute it!
who wants please come forward~~ yuhu~

part 2
the banana leaf~
i'm not gonna go for the third one XE

Thursday, August 21, 2008


i had only take bread today T.T
kinda out of idea what to feed myself... :D
i took burger at lunch,
cheesy hotdog bread and donut at break,
night i've my raisin-nutty bread with milk :)

i had a wonderful bread-y day XD
*maybe im setting myself in the days without rice~*

i got the pouch drawn by my freaking red pen :(
what a clumsy act~

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

my uniform - part III

this will be use on wednesday only~
cause on the day,we will have our new arrival :)
so,working come first...
dressing after that XD

*if my storehead know this,she'll sure hang me up*

i was talking with my girls in front their house,suddenly... ... ...

the whole house gone black!oh!no~ no electric supply~~

actually... ... ...

there is a surprise birthday!
mr. sheyn wen!!!*claps*

enjoying :)

monkey acts =P
after blackmailed~ -X.X-

lovely ones ;)

brought to you :

the girl friend of mr. birthday boy =)

love it :D

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm super spendthrift today~
almost rm 200 i spent...
i'm broke now~ *i think so...*

entering some money to bride my mum...
hmmm.... i'm really...seriously BROKE ='(

another thing...
that cause me broke

---- sushi ---

i had it for whole day...
bet i won't have it until i really 'digest' it

for you...
*hugs & kisses*

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Guess what...i'm so clumsy untill... ... ...


i'm so so clumsy XP
i flush through the toilet bowl *shhhhh!!!*
I'm feeling great today~
had a chocolaty breakfast...
milo + nestle crunch ;P
my grocery shopping~
is been quite sometime i never step into the section
it's so fun to shop~with food :D

back to my 'can' again~
waiting for notification of plans :)

icy lemon juice~




my hyperactive boost drink ;P
Good Girl Gone Bad

We stay movin' around so low,
Ask us where you at we don’t know,
And don't care (don't care),
All we know is we was at home
'cause you left us there,

You got your boys and got gone,

And left us all alone,
Now she in the club with a freaky dress on,
Cats don't want her to keep that dress on,
Tryna get enough drinks in her system,

Take her to the telly and make her a victim.

Patrone on the brain,

Ball player in her face,
They shake the spot,

She’s just another case.
Easy for a good girl to go bad,
And once we gone (gone),
Best believe we gone forever,
Don't be the reason,

Don't be the reason,

You better learn how to treat us right,
'Cause once a good girl goes bad,
We die forever.

He stay with the flock of 'em oh yeah,
Got a girl at home but he don't care,

Won’t care (won't care),
All he do is keep me at home,
won't let me go no where,

He thinks because I'm at home,
I won’t be gettin' it on,

And now I'm findin' numbers in the jacket pockets,
Chicks callin' the house non-stop it's,

Gettin' out of control,
Finally I can’t take no more.

He finds a letter on the stairs,

Sayin' this is the end,
I packed my bag,

And left with your best friend,
Easy for a good girl to go bad,
And once we gone (gone),
Best believe we gone forever,
Don't be the reason,
Don't be the reason,
You better learn how to treat us right,
'Cause once a good girl goes bad,
We gone forever.
We stay movin' around so low,

Ask us where you at we don't know,
And don't care (don't care),

All we know is we was at home 'cause you left us there,
You got your boys and got gone,
And left us all alone, no-ooo.

Easy for a good girl to go bad,
And once we gone (gone),

Best believe we gone forever,
Don’t be the reason,
Don’t be the reason,

You better learn how to treat us right,
'Cause once a good girl goes bad,
We die forever.

We gone forever,
We gone forever,
We gone forever.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

a poet from a friend,

of his emptiness...

Out of fullness, it’s only Emptiness,

Like the pitch black darkness in the forest,

Eyes been blinded and confusion aroused,

Aimlessly heading towards the unseemly road,

Unruly mind causes life to be tormented.

In time of desperation,

Silently in heart, he cried for help,

And deeply he know, it’s unable to help,

He seeks guidance variously,

As well bared the sadness all by himself,

No matter how slow or swiftly it comes,

Still the same; where the sorrow piled,

Fear to complaint; the unspeakable sorrow,

Forever it stained within the deeply thoughts,

What have become to the purpose of living,

All are still yet to be answered.

Fearing minds and thoughts,

Are seemed lock away for now,

It have been harassed for too long,

And slowly it will finally die off.

Suwo; heart of blues

Sunday, August 10, 2008

no~no~ i missed

i'm now with the heart-breaking cheese cake...and i'm missing him!totally!i missed our date on friday =( i'm kind of regret while recall it...hmmm...anyway,i had my night with the girls.puffing and chit-chatting together.i don't think i miss anything :)

so,gotta wait for another day for another date~ miss it mann!

i superb miss you!!!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

i miss you!!!


bei jing olympic opening ceremony...
i missed :'(

i'm so~ gonna watch it!
go away~ go away~
get me a tv!!! XO

Friday, August 08, 2008

i'm cheering her up :)
with the orange-y
little cupcake ;)

what can 70 cents gets...??


you think still 90's meh...


anything else??

what about... ... ...


what you think??

because while we don't be too calculative
everything just go fine
and sometimes unexpected happens!


Thursday, August 07, 2008

non-remembrance b-day~

what we will do if there is a birthday for someone which is special for us??
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...


yea.celebration is really a must for the day!


what if the one never contact you while he/she knew about the celebration??

after your wish only he/she say they can't make it... ... ...

owh~~ it's really sad to hear that.

after a week of preparation,

everything just BURN into ASHES :'s


here goes the story... ... ...

my friend had prepared her bf a b-day celebration for 2.
she did told him and he never promise that he could make due to his work and the accident car.
so,she waited whole night long...

when the clock strike 12 a.m., she called.
he,on the other side of the phone thanked her for doing everything
and apologized that he can't make it... ...

she came to me with the self-baked blueberry cheese cake
and a face full of tears...
we sat at our 'bus-stop' port,
with my dinner

then,the candle lighting for the so-called-birthday

ready to blow and make wishes :D

in the end,both of us celebrate our friendship day...
with the cake eating
and her smiling face =)

and there goes the day of august 7th... ... ...