Tuesday, January 25, 2011

lines -

wrinkles to be exact... being a lady in her 23rd years ain't good.
this is really beyond what i felt when i were still having my short-tomboy-ish hair;
people comes and goes...
time flies like nobody business,
and noon will know what will be happen next!
even it goes the way you planned;
still, the percentage of things go wrong is there..
well, im a grown up yet don't wanna accept the fact;
being a student is much more easier...
burdensome life makes us sacrificed my hang-outs;
we couldn't stay up for 8hours at night like we use to...
is that a good sign? i doubt...
might be, on the other hand;
where we earn like an adult and never gonna bow down to get "sponsor",
still, there is a hundred of things i never get to do
before setting myself in this life-less hole...
weekend is where the only moment
we can sat&look at the sun =)

Happy Chinese New Year in advance !!

Monday, January 10, 2011

four petals flower

people always says leaves with four petals is luck;
but mine don't seem so lucky.
maybe it's born with my attitude...
like flower,like me.
i felt glad which i do not have any terrible affairs;
the only thing is:-
you're far away; near another end of the rainbow.
i'm always sitting at the front end of the same rainbow,
waiting for your home-coming moment *=]
your gift of four petals flowers
always shines with me;
go through all the difficulties & cheer-moments.
lastly, i wish my message will send to you by the cloud on the sky

love u,

Friday, January 07, 2011


so, in a sunday morning after you open your eyes... what you plan to do?
what is the thing already in your mind? ...
for me, as usual - food!
after once i got into gastric i'm more alert on it =]
you'll might think i'm just greed of food,
well, YEA!! hee.
pop corn breakfast ain't good,
makes me wanna see you badly!


emo-ing with such a thing
ilikeit *:]

looking on the sky and wishing you are on your way here
really good!
that's the only thing cheer me when i look at your fav chocolate ice-cream..

oh! guess is time for me to get my stomach feed & send my car - Carl ( it's a guy!)
for his grooming...

Thursday, January 06, 2011


Another brand new year... For a girl to a lady!
Like 13 going 30... (luckily that's still long to go :D)
So, what have i done since new year??...
come to work from the beginning of the year.. makes me wanna cry =\
sound like a song! *whatever*
Till now, i just know that i missed family reunion!
end of December =[
(even the icon looks like vampire...)
Well, i guess i should have 2011 resolution list! yeeha ~
im still pending with it ((-U.U-))


Ah! i know what...
so, YOU!
i know you read this, please get me one manual camera *=]

Sunday, January 02, 2011

A year and 3

This is the song once made scared, afraid of what's coming on...
Yet, now is part of my sweetest memory *:]

Human is difficult.
Once something slipped away, only realized the importance and preciousness..

Lucky me; for grabbed what is just going to slip away in a mist of time!
Im really glad i've grab it.

Thank you for the chance, babe.. I'd wish to have all the festival' eves with you!