Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Always the best number... Extremely more birthday in this month where the bf also =)

Besides, the Muslim also have their Hari Raya Aidilfitri on the same month! What a delightful month.

That's not all! Chinese they celebrate and gathered all the family and friends to celebrate the Mid Autumn Fest. What a month that everyone feel the warm atmosphere!

Lastly, my anniversary drop on the first day after month nine =))

Wishing upon the star that the coming month is a blast through out the year!

Friday, September 03, 2010

So fast!

WOAH! It's going to be a month after the first day the malays started puasa. SO, soon the Raya will be here and that means ... I'm going to have my Nasi Briyani, kuih Raya plus COOKIES RAYA!! *yay* (maybe with green-packets. hee)

Well, it's also very fast that August passed :) All of us left the Lane to go on a further journey =( That means yamcha will be hard (i mean VERY HARD!!!) for us... But, we can drive! Not a problem babes ;)

After settled down with all my stuffs, the bf cooked something nice (really just cook! no chopping/washing/cleaning!cause im the helper a.k.a. cleaner =.=)

Close-up with his ''creation''

Till then, I will have coffee tasting with the DM (District manager) *finger-cross*.
p/s: passed my CET on the 2nd re-sit!! Thank God plus my brain :D haa