Monday, February 14, 2011

i doubt,-

thinking of you makes me less like (hate will be the word too hash for him *=])
yet you're always linger in my mind; shall i just delete it or back-up it to my external
which deep-in-some-where-i-do-not-know; but precious to me...
talking to you with the tear flowing always make me feel that 'm alive
not just a single creature that living in the blue room,
with little green blanket and the black curtain;
you always makes me want more from you! how cruel that you knew you couldn't be here
yet hopes are always given...
anyhow, your one sentence cured me. 'm now filled with thee blood and flesh which could hold me till the next time you appear. knew.medonotlikethis.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

when the 9th day comes,

ahh... chinese new year is ending soon =(
so not use to it after weeks of holiday...
well, everything has the 'yin' & 'yang';
after work, will have fun;
then after having fun,back to work.
everything circulate
like how water on the floor
became rain fall from the sky.
so, let's pack up everything and back to the position where we previously are =)
soon, there will be another holiday!
oh!! and Happy Valentine!!
i know my valentine will not be here at this time;
yet i know he'll somehow right there waiting *:]

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

there is someone always called and concern about you, no matter where you're ; when it is; how troublesome; you wonder why; what you're doing...

mom, thank you for everything!