Sunday, June 29, 2008

rice??meat??fish??or veges??...
is roti boy~yummy :)

guess what!!!
kuew tiow goreng lakna plus benjo!
hehe...what a delicious night ;)

apple crip bar + coke.
will be my breakfast tomorrow (;

Saturday, June 28, 2008

i think of him out of sudden...maybe the working over there too free.sigh.what a job~ =(

i called him once every week.and talk at least 1 hour every time...
he never admit anything with me,either me
we talked as close as we know each other every inch,
but while meeting up is another way...
we never talked face to face as how we talked in the phone

i miss him!a lot... ... ...
he is having a good time study-training in kuching;
while i'm having my life here

friendship is more then every other thing
well,treasure this friendship is all i can do =)


by the way,
i miss my boo~
the one who i argue with...
play with...
suffer with...
happy with...
i just miss him )'=

anyway,he'll be back next 2 days
can't wait!!!wawawa~~

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

after a good sunny day
sure comes the sad day...

the rack in the store at my working place fell mysteriously
luckily no one get hurts
just the door,
and a few of piles get minor injuries :'(

beside that,
a scar has join my life )":

anyway,thanks to the kind one:
shingyee,owner of scissors
apple,owner of acriflavine lotion & dettol
me,owner of plaster & cotton buds
lastly,the kind hearted...
*ta~da* shireen & summer

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

today is the best day!
i woke up kinda early before work
and have some time to get breakfast...

"early bird gets the worm"
and i really got a 'worm'!
is not a actual worm,
but my dearest 'dino' babe!!!
audrey ong min yee...*clap~clap*
(i guess i still spell it right)

sometimes i good to be an early bird
you may get not only worm
but,more than that (;

movie review

any movie you guys watch recently??
hmmm...let me think... ... ...

superhero movie...indian jones...the orphanage...
or the happening...kungfu panda...incredible hulk...
erm...that was all i watched
how about you?

so,don't you mind i introduce you guys an interesting movie?
let's start with the princess dairy - anne hathaway
wwf famous! - dwayne 'the rock' johnson
... ... ...

ok!why don't you guys pick some time and watch get smart
is a secret agent thingy movie
quite lots of stunt...and also jokes...
explosion is not gonna less in this agent-y movie
so,give it a chance to maybe find it interesting and funny (-;

Sunday, June 22, 2008

dessert day~yuhoo!
i'm happy-ing with my going-to-melt sundae

and portuguese egg tarts

Friday, June 20, 2008

we had a unpredictable serve which come before we order the food =)

introducing roti hawaiian
-- roti canai that stuff with hawaiian delight

after fed our stomach,is time for the little puppy to get some feed...
they are eating some rice which brought back from one of my housemate

again...puffy,the fluffy one

there go their time...

also for us to do our,there for the day~
i'm freaking hungry!!!i'm hunting for food!!!
i'm coming~!!!

i just had a curly fries a moment ago


Thursday, June 19, 2008

root beer <=> slurm

root beer is superb nice!it's really make me
but,it's not drugs...don't worry (=

i watched an episode of futurama which show fry,won a ticket trip to visit the slurm factory.
(slurm is a kind of soda in year 3000)

after watching it,i'm worry about the ingredients of root beer.wonder is it same as the 'slurm' that fry will die for...
now,let me introduce the slurm!!!

please click here to view a short video of the slurm thingy.

the factory is operate by the snail.they have the grunka lunkas which is the singing dwarf as worker.the secret ingredient behind the 'keep out' sign door is the green liquid in the river.
and now,the biggest secret is...

the liquid is produced by the snail queen!it came out from the 'disposal hole' of her's!i hope you guys know what i mean...that's why it called slurm~ yummy & tasty Xb

so,are you still wanna take slurm?
erm...i mean root beer?
i do!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

friendship lost and found~

after yesterday's email and texts,once again we meet up and chat...
how dare she (audrey) call me sampat!!!argh...maybe i'm always the one (=

then we talk about van studies and planning.adekah she wanna take culinary?!
what a syiok O.o ... ... ...

the suggestion of not getting food poison after testing van's food -- TAKE ANTIBIOTIC FROM NOW!!!

then,is our nonsense time...

we talk about barney & elmo friendship and may confuse you guys,but that is a long story larh.
possible,i'll tell next time ;-)

there goes audrey~left the well as me,then van

hopefully the time for us to meet up is close enough...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the boringness...zzz...ZZZ...zzz...


finally!!!my bettie msn...audrey is her name.lovely isn't ;)
that is like no...thousand...i think is N (n = infinity/any number that we can't was what we learn during add maths class.any idea??...)
there go our conversation... ...
blah... blah... blah...

carp... craps... and more craps...!!!

not to forget another bettie,vanessa! i got no choice but e-mail her.wa~wa~wa~
this sound like we're far apart...consider far larh
melaka and pj.just ignore me (:

i'm sending e-mail to you~ *you got a mail!*

and stomach is buffy~ buff~buff~~... ... ...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

ants attack!!!

ohh no!!!ants attack my table again~*arghh!!!*not again...they came not because of candy,but...

the left over whiskey and vanilla coke~
they are know where to fond good thing huh...haha!
this is all credit to shamus -- the famous! the one who left the drink on my table!!! i will sue you for invite unpleasant guess to my territory if there is a next time! *evil*

another thing which is also credit to the same famous,the shamus. the pity gold label whiskey now trap in the 42 below vodka bottle... that is all the famous fault! broke the whiskey bottle...careless boy xP

Saturday, June 14, 2008


there are four one month old(i guess so~) puppies in the house!rowf~

-- puffy, the fluffy one

still stuck at the gate while i open the door~

-- spot,the one always stuck in the door way

-- tiny,the smallest one

-- kaka,the cutest one :)

after dinner,they were awake while i reach home
spot & tiny are playing~*woff woff*
puffy searching for food...(i think...) hehe
while kaka is posing~

p/s: this is upload for my dearest jessica -- the dog lover~ hope u enjoy the upload =)

hugs & kisses~~

Thursday, June 12, 2008

savor of mine

..left over summer splash ticket..
too much for us to waste...

:daily throat savor:
:night savor:
..gel eye mask..

:all time savor:
::2nd house-use flip-flop::
::japanese thin flip-flop::
::summer splash flip-flip::
::spare flip-flop::
i use all of them,exclude the spare one...and cause it turn yellowish.
*my bad*

my savors play a big role in my life.i need them to survive!i cherish them *heart*

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

quote from kungfu panda:

"yesterday is a history,tomorrow is a mystery,today is a gift;that is why now call 'present'"

quote from a cantonese serial movie:

"don't cry for the lost,but be happy with what had been through"

quote from me:

"play as there is no limit,live as there is no tomorrow :)"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

new life

the new life of the demolished lego's track~
michel schumacher and his ferrari -- in lego's view...

Monday, June 09, 2008


today is my first day to so exhausted ~.~ luckily they are the ex-worker that i had been worked with...we talked a lot~ sure larh salesgirl need to talk right...

<<< these are the track made by the lego cubes. there are so~ colourful! hehe!

this picture i took at 5 p.m. while i was having my break.

actually this track was build started last week.they had gather lots of different people to complete it.they have family,siblings,friends etc.

<<< while this was taken while closing.the lego's worker steped those big cubes into small pieces...
there was a though blink into my mind when i looking at the scene.

"we took time to build the trail,but we just take a second to destroy it"

so,train our personality well and don't get bad influence by outer facts...

end of enjoyment T.T

chatting with 'zues' shamus before meeting up with jon...
after sending jamus & jess to the station,we met up jon and do some shopping~
reaching carrefour,jon asked us to wait him at the main entrance.
cause his car is so~ low while someone still not yet digest yesterday buffet
and taken 1 and a half bowl of chicken rice this noon~
guess what!i took something along while i went out the car...

the ogie cushion from jon's car~ *wawa*
i was so shy and they though i love the cushion so much...haha

toilet break while shopping for groceries

the whole week of outing was the activities before i caught in my part-time job~*sob*
well,i had a great time this week.i don't think i'll complain about no time for enjoyment :)

Sunday, June 08, 2008


roxy summer splash is here!!!the crow for the event is so great!gosh~that is just part of 'us' who not yet enter the park...cause we did not get goodie's bag as they said the first 1000 comer gets it.sign.we are so~ not lucky for the day~ as we slept 3,almost 4 in the morning at jon's condo.and before reaching sunway,we got stuck in a half and hour jam...we were so far yet so near to the place.haha!

yet,we enjoyed the party,and ungraded the pass to enter the theme park.after all those extreme water and dray land games also the concert, we really so~so~so~ h-u-n-g-r-y!!!for the whole day,we never really eat a meal...before the party,we have a slice wheat tuna cheese bread.while in the park,we had fried rice with chicken plus burger shared 6 peoples!that's show the brother-sister hood.actually all of them leaved all the valuables in the locker and i'm the only one with cash,but grand our stomach a wish,we went heartz-chicken buffet*all you can eat~~*.

this is the guy that shows an extremely wrong example!eaten 4 pieces of chicken one shot...padan muka babe~ luckily jamus bought eno and save you on time.hehe~

..the left over..

the day before, we went for a field trip.due to the increas of petrol,we took lrt instate of car.(cheh~like writing report larh!)*haha* we had a good weather for that.but,the lrt scene spoiled everything!(actually not so bad larh...pick time after work sure pack kan!comment sense~)

we found the little cute pinky dog in a poochini!!!these are speaker.because of the insufficient room space we never get thiese home...

then we had a tapanyaki dinner,while jon took western food at the other side.before the dished served,we had 1 contra scene...
both were waiting for food,but... ... ...
left side,we have lovely smiley couple -- jamus & jessica *clap~*
right side,we have a sour looking boy who wanted the food -- shamus jr.*whistle~*

after dinner and a drink,is time to go back before the lrt close.not to argue which way to go,jon and shamus went to the police pondok ask for direction and the shorter way back to the station...
<<< (plus this time) in my post -- Yeeying,jon's girlfriend~

favorate scene for the week --
paul frank outlet deco,pavilion