Sunday, November 29, 2009


Human will not get enough with things they have.

- Girls, wanna have those cutie stuffs. Unlimited!

- Boys, wanna have gadgets. Unlimited!

- Ladies, wanna own ALL of the hills! handbags! designer's clothes! even cosmetics! Unlimited!

-Guys, wanna have EVERY women! Unlimited! There!... Proved that human are greedy!

I am a greedy lady too. I like to have lots of shoes and tans of clothes! Who can resist it! Seriously... Even though a he-she couldn't ;) that's the reason why they decided to be woman although given the 'special-i-ty'.


One thing that I will never feel not enough is YOU. ALL OF YOU! Having you guys is really the best. With tears, laughter and joy we have... I will treasure it =) Day and night; YOU are there for me; so do I. Always ready the open arms for me; and YOU.

p/s: I'm just not in the mood to do any of the work yet morning shift is awaited me in the Sunday morning.sigh. finger-cross for me on the opening morning :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I don't know this is real or another beutiful lie. it is so perfect until i have no idea to judge it. how can you be so genuine; so considerate; involving in my routine; welcoming the every side of me. i am scare of the past come true. it had really grow with me in every sense. i will never forget the moment it happened... be grateful, it all had gone away like a dream. new noon is up upon and waiting for us high in the sky. there is what i am looking for. thank You.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

black.and white.

me love rainy day! with the boy doing nothing yet in Starbucks. with housing interior mag in hand, me with my netbook :) just love to be with have his smell... hehe.

now, off to search for some his-dream-stuff *wink*

ough! due date is really at the corner... still nt doing any wrk till now =( will be aching my head after the search for his-dream



I often did stuffs for three times to make it as sincere.till now... There are things that i'm currently addicted to yet i'm controlling myself not to be addict in... Is hard, but i'm trying. Since the day we get along, I can see the real you. You didn't fake it as how i think; didn't break promises as how you did promised; never forget as you said...

You, seem to be different. Different from the time we met. You are calculative; selfish like the others; lie on the truth! Whore you are! Just leave it and move away!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yasashiku, 2

you really go me addicted. how could i felt that way? isn't that bad for me to you all the time...

i like the way you are :)

the way you smile,

and those eyes while yu're loking at me;

it's just natural that you look like a kid;

no harm :D

all of the above is dedecated the boy.thank you

Friday, November 13, 2009


pink with you

black b-berry

yellowish tea

orange-y platter

white planner

with thank you

.will you wait for me.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


It's isn't good to be too concern. Sometimes to be harsh might add a lil' colour in our life.

Believe, I am lying ;)


Woah! Is been some time I am out... from the 'box-case-world'. Busy with part time (just Twice a week), homework (not doing all the time, but in progress :]) and COOKING! That has been my all time favorite since I were alone in the far west. Yet, help needed in the kitchen! LOL. Particularly, I am just doing the cutting, cleaning and serving. Those cook work were done by the babes and the boyfriend. hehe. Kitchen maid actually =(

Lots of B-day party in the month (Oct). Broke us (poor huh...SAVE us! by sponsoring free food please!) hee. But, we still manage to survive in our most critical moment (VICTORY! to us) *wink*

Recently found out I might have osteoporosis (just being ridiculaous because both of my legs can't really stand properly since Monday). Credit to boyfriend that I could walk normally today =D and his kindness for sacrify the beloved blanket. Thank you boy