Friday, March 28, 2008

just a day

It's fun to hang out with our own cousins.even though is not havoc,is great to have some quality time with those who're you closest.cause some of the people's not what you think of..when time pass by,it'll shows...
I had my dinner in the pasar malam.the one i've been looking for after stayed in PJ.I got my ice-cream which is rich with the flavor-asam & grapeThat's what my cousin did when she get her grape & orange ice-cream..
After the feast,we started the activity that human nowadays will do..wondering what're we going to do huh...This is it!!Lucy,the dog..we play her out the whole night..BITE!!Break for thirst...There she goes again :)
That was what she probably did when we were there.Poor little Lucy ma (MA is girl in Tamil)
There she is..tired after the whole night of chasing her little green stuff

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

guardian,but not Angle

I did my assignment research and notes homework and some cooking recipes.. because this week I'm the guardian for my house and the dog.obviously,not for my brother.He's big enough to look after himself.
Hopefully,my dish will be accept by someone :) And now,is time for me to enjoy cooking with my cousins..The work as gatekeeper will be take over by my bro...hehe

My dear couz!!here I come =P

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Wheel of Fortune-The Lord of the Forces of Life
Upright-effortless success.good fortune that is unexpected.coincidences.luck.
The beginning of a new circle.advancement.positive upheaval.change.
A card good of fortune,the appearance of destiny and Karmic change.

Reversed-bad luck that is unexpected.resistance to change.
Unexpected interruptions.
A warning against gambling.difficulties.delays.


No regret of what u had done.A broken heart need her time to cure.And it's already became a sickness to her.Tears is the pills;while time is the doctor of sickness.Life is short,no point live life with guilt.No point live it with suffering..No one can judge how u live,only you.and the one you love..

This is specially,sincerely for u,

It's time to wake up bubu..They've what they want,not you.Friends are forever,but when you totally indeed for help I hope you
'll know.You're always born to be lucky.Grab the luckiness of your to do things better.Please do not waste your time lifeless.I know you're gone,but you'll always live in me.I'll always remember and thinking of you,my boo.I miss you.much...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Grab it

We always neglect people that we love the most.until we lose it only we realize.but,it is too late for everything.cherish everything and do whatever you can..because in your lifetime,you would not find anyone that you can love them so much.even they scold us...even we hate it...but,that's the ones that we truly love in our life..

From us that you love:
Rest in peace,Appa...You will always be in our heart

Sunday, March 16, 2008

looking back

Things had pasted so fast.even though the friends that we just met had became closer than the old one.I just hope things will just follow the flow.Not to criticize or disapprove.Just to remind about the things that had happen.Fantasy always come with happiness;the virtual one always come with suffer.No one like to suffer in life,but they always miss out one tiny thing.behind the suffering,always hiding a rainbow.
Bare in mind,this is no offense.Is just an idea came from what i been through these days.
You wouldn't feel happiness if you never been through suffering and dilemma.

Friday, March 14, 2008

rewards =P

I had a stomach ache since yesterday evening.i had missed lots of fun out a reward for me to settle the pain and being alone during the sick period,today i bought myself half a dozen Big Apple's
Here is how it starts...

Monday, March 10, 2008

one of a kind

Another day for us to gather around..definitely someone's Bday!!Ah khoon's turn this time :) As normally,we surely go club.but this time,we decided to chill in a different environment place which suitable for Khoon.
He had a Lamborghini cake which is custom-made from apple,his beloved girlfriend and a bottle of Jack Daniel that had won Gold medal in 1914 from the best friend,shamus jr and jamus (= This celebration is kind of different from what we usually had.because of the incomplete group member,we celebrate it in a classic,old bistro.
In the bistro,we had old sewing machine as table...
And our star of the month!!!The lovely Ah khoon & Apple x)
All our memories happened in a classic old house that well deco and environment friendly place...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


After a three days alternate clubbing,i kind off lost my voice :-( sad thought...But it's real fun!!!no regret for losing my voice.haha..The next day,we had our lunch totally clean from the bowl!!The japanese 's meal make us bowl-ly licking good =D Of course with the drinks too.
That's because we were too free to do other things..What a funny joke.HAH!!The day after those enjoyment,is my homework cracking time!!Ohh..!!!The case study had made me stress for the whole night.Luckily,summer & I manage to finish it up (hope she will be happy while i mention her name)
Lastly,this is for her.For cheering my everyday (= Let me presenting...Liew Siew Mei @ summer to everyone ;D