Friday, January 30, 2009

well... today will be house warming over the flat beside mine :) AT LAST!!! get something to do...haha! my flat mate and i went out to get some stuff to get ready at night around 6pm. we went out at 2.30pm and the sky was like 4or5 in the evening.swt!

btw, shasha was plan to get a part time work and she went into a Thai Restaurant.

dinner time! :D just a simple gathering of few malaysian plus china student. is good to know there are people same region around. cheers!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

woh! second day of cny... what to do... yea~ having class ==''' then,went center and get some stuff again~ haha! i will be lepaking a lot in town since i'm still-kind-of relaxing :P

btw, there are some pictures during first night of cny. pity i just get to drink, not collecting ang pau... zzzzZZZ... ...



Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year!
reunion lunch :D

even though i'm not at home,
i still have new clothes!
is a tradition to have everything new
during chinese new year ;)

new pj as well.
then, dinner of course..

tomorrow is new year for the chinese,
also same for me...
class starting tomorrow
yet i not even get the schedule @.@|||

wish me luck!

and specially thank to
those people who called,
and webcamed...


Saturday, January 24, 2009

yesterday's weather is awful :( it rains in the morning... is freaking cold in the morning. 8 degree... and it was 1 degree at night!!! yet we were going to town @@|||
my flats :)

i'll be scolded if someone get to see this :P
those picture are taken in sub. is a student union bar, in the campus! seriously! this bar is operate by the student, and they organize all sort of activities! cool huh :) they have beer,whiskey,brandy,vodka... all sort of liquor there. it only open till 12a.m. then we went bar/club in the town. it was too cold and i was unable to take picture with gloves on :D

p/s: i hate turtle neck!it's make me feel sick @@ *awful*

Friday, January 23, 2009

well, i'm settling down in chelmsford, UK :) everything is ready... i got my internet connection done... my bed... my clothing... my water... ... just miss out some food~
but, tomorrow will be a bus bring us to the biggest super market to get what we need ;) no worry!hehe.

yesterday was...... hmmm... jet-late -.-|||

is only 6.53pm! and the sky turned dark like 10plus in malaysia...swt!
yet, i still have some friends to chat with :D only the time not allowed :( cause there 8hours different to malaysia's...


today, there is some colour... at last...

view outside my window

:) it seem like spring is coming, yet is freezing while the wind blows
because it is only 8 degree!

the evening ends with the gathering from student union.the SU-B-ARU,
combination of spain,german and malaysia :) wa~la~