Friday, August 28, 2009

Last night was good!musics,food,pool,broze...everything was great!and the luck was spinning toward us too.
today,luck still spinning around us!by giving a weekly green train travelpass and a lady :D we were in the wonderland,chat thai for dinner.wonderful crusine,cozy enviroment and beautiful alice ;)
with her smile,my ''mr friend'',nanaNG heated up in the icy air...silly him.
'age will not be a problem',quote of the day.


the flowery maze,vol. II - escape
even they had settled down with goldilock,prince Robinhood and hunter Ace had a argue over helping the villages...prince Robin thinks not to interfere into others' life while Ace feel the other way!the Lord is shameless!took all of the money and forced goldilock to be his wife.
aside from that,snow bear followed the prints and found the village.his plan for now is hunt down the two heros and take goldilock away for live...they escape again...

to be countinue...

Monday, August 24, 2009

well,is the 12th day of trip.we had slowd down our step to visit around...kind af tiring to take train through and flow(cause tha's our only transpot).

they cheated the ticket machine by getting student's fare tickets.tell them is good to be a student!lots of privillages given here ;> hitting to the same place and doing the same thing make us felt bored about it,but what could we do?just wish most of the gang is here.then we'll have the biggest kitchen party ever :D

one thing here is the rice coker is untustable!it harden the rice like joke =.= but,we can't live without crab >.<>

im the normal one here yet being fair!*don't speak XD* say sauce makes me think of the chips (honey soy sauce flavour.sweet) sum up everything,I'M BORED!the whole day =(


the flowery maze,vol.I - walk away

goldilock escaped from Patrick,the snow dog with the help of the haunter Ace and prince Robinhood.they helped her to cross over the river and iceland.runaway to the hot medditeranian.with their generous help,goldilock was safed there.planted grain and is what they sell to survive.prince Robinhood still go on his old path,stealling herbs from the richman houses while haunter Ace catches fished with his spear.

on a moonless light, lord jake sparrow came to the town.take everything from the villages.what a cruel lord!luckily tinkle bell is always by the corner... ... ...

to be continue...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

we had quite a normal daily activities these few days...with breakfast then groceries shopping.those guys are really like a housewife!they know what to get,how to differenciate and what to cook :) but they're still guys!cause they don't compare price...that's the only thing i can help :D girls hve their ability too!don't cooking doesn't mean anything right.the most important is we know how to cook instant noodle and THAT'S IT!!!

the highlight was we went building with awesome DJs yet not our type of tea =( Mr.Say just stick with his so-called desserts while banana aka mat salleh wannabe searching for chicks LOL.

sum it up we still prefer clubs back home.preved that we're truely malaysian!malaysia boleh!wtf =.= soon we touch down sure will hit the club,no matter what ;)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest SUMMER! xx

Thursday, August 20, 2009

thy looking for the one,

yet searching for the others.

what makes a human

so greedy?

for everything...

and never be satisfied.

wish thy dream comes true

and there will be last













.sushi rolls.



*life in the land before time*

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 here dealing with the washing machine -_-''' is been an hour my clothes still unwash in the machine wtf.i got no idea it's a automatic or manual machice.keep's annoying.gosh!and two sleeping beauty in the house! one on the sofa with snooring geez,another one sleeping sweet in the bedroom :D

Saturday, August 15, 2009

weather and food were espected. only the people and journey makes me miss home :( anyhow,we manage to settle everything and still alive wtf. there will be another good day tomorrow *cross our fingers*

Monday, August 03, 2009

Saturday, August 01, 2009


im home! with the joyful smile the minute dad picked us up :) good to be in the car with the familiar view... mom cooked and everyone just clear the dish without any trace *yummy*

then dad ajak for drink -.-''' is good that he no need to finish all the beer by himself. cause we are legal and sharing is caring. wtf.

saturday, messed up with the time... woke up with blur face and the better-growing-doggie. wtf. mom prepared steamboat for us yet is her pre birthday meal. she's really owesome *heart*

i miss her a lot :)