Sunday, August 29, 2010

I been here before;

but it isn't the same as I saw... The actual one seem cold and lifeless; the one I saw is with all the girls where we hang outs and chats. Maybe that was my subconscious, we no longer stay under one roof...

The summer sun left not until autumn, the bunny found her home and left the rosy-lane; jasmine flower no longer open due to the cold weather, green-y pond of frogs have their own land to lay; the purple penguin also found her winter hub near a tree where apple will grow for the next spring!

Me . . . laid back with the white piggy on the field and my picnic clothe ;)

The robe is on some of the sista. The separation will surely bring a memorable reunion!

Good Luck girls :]

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I always wanted to have it all. But, I just have a mouth... So, 4 is enough (at this time). Soon, my create own design tumbler is gonna fill-in the collection! *finger-cross-till-i-get-mine*

Saturday, August 07, 2010

end of July; stepping-in August -

July was hectic! But, get to relax in the last few days =)
Friends visit to Melacca plus mom early birthday luncheon.

Ipanema cake is the choice for her pre-luncheon celebration.


Found this layer cake in Melacca! What in world that people in KL know it better than me!!
*no fair*
But, credit for the couple for brought us there!
enjoyed the cake plus high-tea in the rainy open-aired

Hopefully August will be a better month ;)


BTW ... ...
A-Boutique has new stocks update!!!
30 pieces on sale!
Mostly are pretty blazers, jackets, cardigan AND overcoat!