Thursday, November 22, 2007


he is the one i noe very well..bein with him is lyk an adventure..a roller-coaster ride...

this is how he ate durin travel..(while he is in the car) he eat whatever that can eat...*what a GooD boy* hehe..

drinks...defenatly Ice bLeNded!! with some kind of grass... J
pasta...pasta...n more pasta!!!

sumtyms sushi is his fav tooo Y

Daily Gadget:

the communication gadget..with his wristband-CONFIDENT

survival kit which contain food!! case to dump evythg in
entertaiment kit..tht's evythg for him

Now, he is studyin abt GIRLS.totally abt it.besides, he did research too.n found a great book to recommand to evyone who wanna learn...

Through out these time, i had learnt a lot from him.thx to him my life become colourful.shaMuS is his name... :)



Jo Ann said...

u guys r such a sweet couple!!!me jealous...haha.

auditor said...

thx alot.sumhow thr is sweetnest n thr will be bitter too..juz take it easy^^