Tuesday, February 05, 2008

CNY must have =)

Yohoo!!Chinese new year coming!!This is the occasion that I could receive lots of stuff without requirement :D I received stuffs from 5 people that I love!!defiantly ME..my care-able parents,so-called auntie AND my lovely boo :)

From my parents, I got five tops..two shorts..two dresses and a cardigan
From my aunt,I get a newly hair style...FOC!!hehe...
I bought myself a hoodies..five tops and two dresses as well..two sets of lingeries..a belt and a pair of shoes =B
Lastly,I got a cap for cny from my boo..besides,he gave me a trip too!!woo~to Langkawi..can't wait for the trip..and i think we'll have a great fun time..

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