Sunday, March 23, 2008


No regret of what u had done.A broken heart need her time to cure.And it's already became a sickness to her.Tears is the pills;while time is the doctor of sickness.Life is short,no point live life with guilt.No point live it with suffering..No one can judge how u live,only you.and the one you love..

This is specially,sincerely for u,

It's time to wake up bubu..They've what they want,not you.Friends are forever,but when you totally indeed for help I hope you
'll know.You're always born to be lucky.Grab the luckiness of your to do things better.Please do not waste your time lifeless.I know you're gone,but you'll always live in me.I'll always remember and thinking of you,my boo.I miss you.much...

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