Monday, March 10, 2008

one of a kind

Another day for us to gather around..definitely someone's Bday!!Ah khoon's turn this time :) As normally,we surely go club.but this time,we decided to chill in a different environment place which suitable for Khoon.
He had a Lamborghini cake which is custom-made from apple,his beloved girlfriend and a bottle of Jack Daniel that had won Gold medal in 1914 from the best friend,shamus jr and jamus (= This celebration is kind of different from what we usually had.because of the incomplete group member,we celebrate it in a classic,old bistro.
In the bistro,we had old sewing machine as table...
And our star of the month!!!The lovely Ah khoon & Apple x)
All our memories happened in a classic old house that well deco and environment friendly place...

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