Saturday, April 19, 2008

anonymous awaken

My phone rang before im conscious...the voice over the phone was just familiar yet i couldn't recognize =( cause the number was not in the name list *wawawa* the person woke me up and told me that he's in front my house, ask me clean up and go for makan...what a crazy thing!!!I though it was urgent, then jump up from bed and head to the bathroom...
Until i got everything settle and ran out the house...somebody were laughing in the car!After my awareness, that was my uncle!!!gosh!!!i were such humiliate in front of him and his friend )':
My uncle is same age as me,but his rank is much more higher then mine!!!Unbelievable!Cause his dad is my mum's uncle, so he's cousin to my mum...that's the story why my uncle is same age as me :D
We had lunch in Mcd (2 days of fast food for the week)

and there goes my day -A.A-

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