Monday, April 14, 2008

food-ty weekend

My weekend really full with food!!!I LOVE it so much (: because it's concern about food *wink* hehe
Wednesday - I had sausage and bread with chili sauce
(last day of fast food) (homemade tho)
Thursday - dinner nearby Southern Hospital,
(here goes my food marathon) with crab,fish,soup,pork and
few dishes of veges
Friday - Ikan bakar in Crystal bay,Umbai.definitely a PROTEIN meal :-d
Saturday - Half-boiled eggs with soy sauce + chicken rice in Klebang
Sunday - home cook dishes from my mum :)
(last but not least b4 ending the 'run') love her cooking so much!
As well as her *muax*

All these just happen in ONE place,my hometown - Malacca

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