Monday, April 28, 2008

long lost memory

AT LAST!!!The photographer gave the copy of these memories to me.already 4 months tho...yet the moments still keep playing i my mind.That was the reunion for this year...consider :P
That was the moments of Jon's 21st BIRTHDAY!
the cake *yummy~*the family
the VIP...the boys
the girls
After dinner,we went The Cube...chilled with the birthday boy (:
excited b-day boy
Swing~Shae Lyn & hers... Shirlyn + himcheers babe!!!doubleS-s
half way there...Jon~
yipee~where your eyes look at?!
Done!undone... ~.~that's the happy one =D

P/s : thanks to gaijin...the good one and the bad one too =P

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