Saturday, May 31, 2008

end of May...

is 31st!!!i wanna eat baskin robins!!!...i think it will only happen in next week :') i was freak out today! is bored while betities are working...*sign*

is ok i think...while i woke up, already 2 plus in the afternoon. so,is kinda easy to pass the day.hehe.while you're going to have holidays, it'll be frust when you can't get to do going crazy by watching drama series and variety show... i finished 2 sets of drama and season 2 of project runway.gosh!!! im so indulged with those series and tv show.i don't want to become an addict!!!help me!!!*shout out loud*

luckily im still conscious about what am i doing Q= i cleaned part of the room and did the laundry.fuu~~ at least some part of the room already clean then it won't cause me too busy on next week.mention about next week, i desperately can't wait for it to come!!!because after my last lad test, i'll be free~like a bird*tweet~tweet~* im having 3 months holidays~~

im waiting...waiting...waiting for tomorrow too!(=
and now,continue my movie q:

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