Wednesday, May 14, 2008

protien dinner!yum!

Our dinner today really interesting...full of protein.Since i were sick back then, this meal is a payback*wink*.
The shop just have 2 tables of customer (include us...)
Weird... But what we care is the food (-;
Cause we're HUNGRY!!!*haha*

First, they served us our drinks and soup of the day - tomato delight.
Kind of jelak after finish the thing...

Then... Our main course is serve! The Fisherman Fish Plat

It has fillets, squids, prawns, country mushrooms, fries and butter rice...yum!

Halfway done....

Almost there... I'm working hard too =D

And... Finally, we made it!!! Finish the meal of the night (:

That is all in The Manhattan FISH MARKET

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