Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A walk~

When im editing some of the homework, my froggie bitch a.k.a shingyee ajak to take some fresh air nearby our housing area.A moment later,we just went in StarMart, the patrol kiosk's convenient store...(That is what we call taking fresh air) =.=|||
Seem like they had been quite long never shop for groceries...once they reached there,just simply grab anythings they want.Gosh!!!Then,the planner - shingyee asked me whether bring extra cash.That is the FIRST time i hear that from her!Surely her cash is gone for shopping...what else she'll do during this spree period (:

I only get what i want...that is just a tiny amount*haha*

This the thingy someone dream's also fave of mine*wink*

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