Thursday, June 19, 2008

root beer <=> slurm

root beer is superb nice!it's really make me
but,it's not drugs...don't worry (=

i watched an episode of futurama which show fry,won a ticket trip to visit the slurm factory.
(slurm is a kind of soda in year 3000)

after watching it,i'm worry about the ingredients of root beer.wonder is it same as the 'slurm' that fry will die for...
now,let me introduce the slurm!!!

please click here to view a short video of the slurm thingy.

the factory is operate by the snail.they have the grunka lunkas which is the singing dwarf as worker.the secret ingredient behind the 'keep out' sign door is the green liquid in the river.
and now,the biggest secret is...

the liquid is produced by the snail queen!it came out from the 'disposal hole' of her's!i hope you guys know what i mean...that's why it called slurm~ yummy & tasty Xb

so,are you still wanna take slurm?
erm...i mean root beer?
i do!!!

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