Wednesday, July 09, 2008

6 - 7 july

is been a month i never meet up my parents...what a sad case :'(
luckily i've 2 days off to visit them!happy me :)

i don't think they miss me!WUA~~
just kidding!
they won't show it on the face,but in the heart...

hmmm...what i was doing while im home??...
oh ya!i'm HUNTING for FOOD*evil smile*

1st dishes,
mum's cooking
- that's all money can't buy ;)

2nd dishes,

pisang goreng!!!
i had idam it for A LONG~LONG~TIME

3rd dishes,
bihun goreng ala singapore

then,it continue to the following day...
4th dishes,
chicken rice...pok~pok~ke~!

5th dishes,
'hi giao' mee + fish head porridge

6th dishes,
kerang!lala~!fish ball campur!and...cutter fish panggang~heaven babe ;D

7th dishes,
and also my breakfast before saying goodbye with my parents -- nasi lemak

these are what i feed my stomach.but... ...
i'm still not satisfied with it =(
what to worry for...i'm a melaccan!hehe

even though i got to eat those food i missed...
meeting all those friends...
bought what i want...
there is one thing i'll never forgive myself is
i never get to celebrate dad's birthday with him

happy belated birthday,pa!

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