Monday, July 21, 2008

I was having a good mood too today :) with my healthy milk & rocky strawberry sticks (sponsor by mr.shamus jr,not i everyday wanna eat.btw,i prefer chocolate) although busy with those cloths,my mood just as good as sunshine :DD i've my work done,and the songs on.nickelback,disagree,the veronicas,the calling... i'm just so in the mood~

>After break,the happy mood goes down...down...and down... :( i got no idea what is going on...
Oh!i got it!is my interview!(NO~!!!)is on this friday~~ i was so freaking scare and nervous about that!gosh!i couldn't sleep well after knowing the news since last friday...and the important thing is i still can't log-in to check my result!Argh!!!~~ it's just not good!i freaking out here!!!
but...the plan beside the interview is not confirm yet! ): i'm so~so~ excited for that!i'm going to be outdated if i'm not going to recharge and take some air!(erm...the air over there is not really what i want larh...i'll use to breath that to fulfill my life!!!)

Well,now...what to do??...planning on the programs that will be coming ups =) *hooray for me!!!*

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