Saturday, August 23, 2008

night tea~

after quite a few weeks of working...
i mean really tiring,restless and hectic days (for shingyee)
cause almost everyday she had full...
and today we get to chill together :)

part 1
lil' secret with the secret recipe :D

the two-some...
jasmine tea for the waiting one...
ice-lemon tea for the seeking one...
and tiramisu for the lovely one...

*the birthday girl! - summer*
just too bad she isn't here,
cause she's in a better place *wink*

new product
shisa's flavour~
share at the first sight...
but now,i'm the only one taking *wawawa*
i'm going to distribute it!
who wants please come forward~~ yuhu~

part 2
the banana leaf~
i'm not gonna go for the third one XE

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