Tuesday, August 12, 2008

a poet from a friend,

of his emptiness...

Out of fullness, it’s only Emptiness,

Like the pitch black darkness in the forest,

Eyes been blinded and confusion aroused,

Aimlessly heading towards the unseemly road,

Unruly mind causes life to be tormented.

In time of desperation,

Silently in heart, he cried for help,

And deeply he know, it’s unable to help,

He seeks guidance variously,

As well bared the sadness all by himself,

No matter how slow or swiftly it comes,

Still the same; where the sorrow piled,

Fear to complaint; the unspeakable sorrow,

Forever it stained within the deeply thoughts,

What have become to the purpose of living,

All are still yet to be answered.

Fearing minds and thoughts,

Are seemed lock away for now,

It have been harassed for too long,

And slowly it will finally die off.

Suwo; heart of blues

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