Thursday, September 25, 2008

wee~ fresh shower after the jog...

I was waken by the text before the jog
because I don't even realize the alarm ring!
sad case...

Anyway,i manage to get ready in 10mins.i think :D

Then, go for only 3 laps of 200meters...

hmmm... should to catch up with more exercises now...

Is time for my breakie~ *ta~ra! hungry stomach*

8:52 a.m.

After the hawker breakie,
we had some 'politic' chats in the playground!
(haha! luckily never get cough!
just some talking... blah~blah...)

Then, is time for me to place my head
on the comfy pillow...zzzZZZZzzz....

11:52 a.m.

Night time delight at Dome

the piece of thingy in the middle of those drinks
like a mudpie...

it's a Fluntine

a dessert that made by honey,
and peanuts.

That had caused me sugar-rushed!
I almost fainted
after finish up the whole thing and the fussy koala...

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