Friday, November 07, 2008

drawing class!

yipee! is time for drawing!

Instruction to start drawing:
1) paper

2) colours

Learner please take note, the item listed above is need not in this particular drawing session.

What we need are:

- a pen

- skin

- coke (to drink *wink*)

- a pair of hand (no need to be an artistic one ;D)

Let's start the session, shall we...
Part 1 - miss shirlyn"s class
first, a cute little flower on the sexy belly~

hmmm... follow up with a big sunny sun and a cute little mice :D

then, the latest! mobile phone *ring~ring~

lastly, the copyright ;)

Part 2 - the evil-devil JD's class

the 'teacher' found that it's lovely to draw something cute and famous! at first...

presenting~ the doraemon! *ang~ang~ang~ T.T

then, another arm with long school bus... window-less *suffocate mann!

after that, he think is time to be more~ more~ artistic... *so-called~

.the eye.

.sword. *swt!

ok! the best part... he give a shot on everyone's fav!


and the not to forget -- signiture =p

sources provided by : shirlyngohsiling & JD

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