Thursday, November 06, 2008


okay! is been awhile never update any post... all is because the damn wireless connection :( sad case -T.T-

alright, back to the post...

during Halloween, our story teller started his story telling...

still on to go ~ ~ ~


role playing!
mr. pink panther~ i think black skinny african panther will sound nicer!

yet, we were still so boring until go for a night of monopoly! in Papa...

hmmm... i just got an apartment out of 6 piece lands. shame on me -x.x-

anyhow, someone bankrupt! good for him XD

weekends / healthy eating!




4) someone get his car crashed! brilliant!

monday / summer blues...

owh! another 3 days without the dearest summer =(

i found out that the price tag is still on my skirt! wtf!


ok. the eco-friendly guy with his so-call disposable shoes
bunny hopping! *hoop~ hoop~

then, the brilliant one became emo when mr bunny told him there is something look like roaches... T.T what a big guy in the house! haha!

pasta night :) delicious~

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