Friday, January 23, 2009

well, i'm settling down in chelmsford, UK :) everything is ready... i got my internet connection done... my bed... my clothing... my water... ... just miss out some food~
but, tomorrow will be a bus bring us to the biggest super market to get what we need ;) no worry!hehe.

yesterday was...... hmmm... jet-late -.-|||

is only 6.53pm! and the sky turned dark like 10plus in malaysia...swt!
yet, i still have some friends to chat with :D only the time not allowed :( cause there 8hours different to malaysia's...


today, there is some colour... at last...

view outside my window

:) it seem like spring is coming, yet is freezing while the wind blows
because it is only 8 degree!

the evening ends with the gathering from student union.the SU-B-ARU,
combination of spain,german and malaysia :) wa~la~

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