Wednesday, February 18, 2009

woh!went for an hour lecture and had a 3 hours break before the next seminar =.= the sighness thing is we watched a marketing research video, which is took in the 80's... the ladies ware using sponged-puff jacket!NO!!!back in the 80's the ladies were having BIG WAVE CURLY MID-LENGTH HAIR!with big button earring even though at home.swt!!!and the one sat beside me was menagantuk T.T||| so,there goes my day.

Random facts:

1. i learn to cook 'gong bao ji ding' while cooking fish&chips

2. cappuccino-cream-waffle is different with cappuccino-loveletter. i wonder why it's not the same...

3. hate the whatever-fish-in-the-canned-with-oil! *grinn*

4. i want a pita rap!!!maybe roti canai :)

5. i have ketchup in the room -.-

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