Friday, March 27, 2009

is been awhile i never step myself out the flat... all because of the mushroom-poker-pig-face =.= what i did was stick with the tissues wtf sickening crab! not to forget, also with some work and skip class *shhhh* haha kida glad too cause after email the work to one of the groupmate, never receive any reply yet. that means... fuuuuhh...

well, i went to the town finaly :) to get chicken for the porridge. yea. im cookig heh heh heh.

cool huh. chelmsford polilce use that to check on the town

as i linger around the town for almost 2hours just to get chicken thighs. . . i got somethings else! no blaming arh. girl ma... who don't shop really *kill* =]

aren't those pretty.during the spring

then, started with the plan of the day - porridge cooking. all done in 1 and haf hour. i know it tooks kinda long but not to complain it's the first oh wait, second time i think to really prepare and cook :D

aisk!time to take medicine :( although im nt really like it no choice, to cure the mushroom-p*g face... btw im expert on taking it! just fling my head back and i can straight swallow the pill
heh heh

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