Monday, March 23, 2009

Thank you

is been awhile i came here. i don't feel neglet as you guys keep me update :) i'm glad to have the whole of you!

- my babes -
i'm glad you guys still count me in the house whie i'm apart :) seriously touch... and not to forget the 'pig-face-lyn' calling =D just make me laugh non-stop. i'll be having a 6 months' long novel to read about. can't wait to get it on my hand!!!

- couzzie -
'cause we're two worlds apart' - having the internal messaging system in fb. gratefully everyone replied!haha. appa had left for a year, may him R.I.P. anyway,we will have a vaca soon!in summer...

- the hunks -
too many to list it out... the hurtful one, the careless one, the sleepless one or the yellow-skinned one... ... really glad that you guys keep me accompanies. and keep in touch as well...

no one can stay on the world without any friend =]


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