Monday, March 02, 2009

What did you do in a Sunday while you're in the country that out of the activity that you usually did?? hmmm... ... is a tough question huh :) well, i went shopping!actually is going to shop for birthday present,yet i got stuffs for myself T.T\\\ how can a women bare the SALES! what a whore!HAHA. then,went to Excess Church attend the Sunday group.i'm not what you guys think of... i'm a free thinker!so do my parent.they're alright with what i long as i don't get myself (or them) into trouble ;D after that, invited to have dinner with the HongKie family :)

isabella with the eating banana

nancy with the happy face

after dinner dessert

today's favs:

River Island's fitting room

don't you think is preety =)

finishing this post with electric cut-off... at 2 am )=

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