Monday, April 13, 2009

i wonder if im rich.those will be nt a problem.being rich is really cool.just get anything without hesitating.but,how many things we can get with money?stuffs,defeniatly!friends,come and go dont know
everyone want to be rich,even me.will i be happy after that?i doubt.i bet no.i know myself well.i am greedy.if i am rich,for sure i will get everything without any though!even grocery,i shop like nobody business!what a shame -.-
i am glad for now.earn for what i want.glad to have the family.although we dont talk like secret yet we are close :))) i miss mom!and dad too...also my brother,maybe XD

Life is short
Break the rules
forgive quickly
kiss passionately, love truly
laugh constantly
And never stop smiling
no matter how strange life is
Life is not always the party we expected to be but as long as we are here,
we should smile and be grateful.

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