Friday, May 08, 2009

woo... 3 more days to go and i will be free! yeap! lying on the grass.with the black book.and coffee! also the throw out papers hahhah, not going t throw it just a metaphor. indiscribable scene after printed some pages from the tindal building. 'we trust you :)' and never charge me a single penny as i got no small change for it T.T how embarrass im! luckily got your name and date note down. or not im afriad i would not get my grade pass.

almost every weekend with cradstick and chili padi. malaysian typical chinese ¬.¬ eventhough the weather is chill, i dont think its gonna be good for my throat. after these miserable paperwork i need gossip treat! dont hesitate to tell,bebs!

so now shut up and drive X] with blanket over the t-bar shoulder (cause im lazy to change a tee) xxx

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