Monday, June 29, 2009

time square blues lead to these :D

was so excited after the class. having the flavor markers on hand and brought a 28 years old lady to the ktm and show her the way back home -.- for that 8hrs, i got myself 4 blisters on the both heels. big clap to me! *dumb*

rushing back home with light bones which i could sense the fun up coming. calls and textes flowing to the phone non-stop. with the pal, kelvin and 2 fav fruits apple & banana... exciments came up one by one. from dinner, to the un-done mah jong and lepaking in OU for the time wasting :)

the 3hrs sleep leads me crave for sugar!

after 4hrs straight with the coffee tasting and theories,

throw out the books to trade for a pair of new shoes

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