Saturday, October 31, 2009

and it was all yellow

After a night of funny chinese mah-jong twister; 1/2 a dozen of regular pizzas; liquor and tobacco! That's a real life for Apple turning 21! Welcome!!! You're officially legal for everything.hahha. we love to have house-club-party. After get drunk,just run upstairs and lay on the bed. Good huh =D

But, it's no fun when you have work on the next day. What if there is a job that you just need to sit, get online, lunch, get online again, tea-break and pack??... It's sound cool right. Well, I am now working for that! wee... haha. Helping out some freinds is really nice yet earning some depts-to-pay money =(

Oh! And visit Bukit Jalil for ALL AMERICAN REJECT CONCERT!!!


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