Thursday, November 12, 2009


Woah! Is been some time I am out... from the 'box-case-world'. Busy with part time (just Twice a week), homework (not doing all the time, but in progress :]) and COOKING! That has been my all time favorite since I were alone in the far west. Yet, help needed in the kitchen! LOL. Particularly, I am just doing the cutting, cleaning and serving. Those cook work were done by the babes and the boyfriend. hehe. Kitchen maid actually =(

Lots of B-day party in the month (Oct). Broke us (poor huh...SAVE us! by sponsoring free food please!) hee. But, we still manage to survive in our most critical moment (VICTORY! to us) *wink*

Recently found out I might have osteoporosis (just being ridiculaous because both of my legs can't really stand properly since Monday). Credit to boyfriend that I could walk normally today =D and his kindness for sacrify the beloved blanket. Thank you boy

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