Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Now and Then

The days had passed so fast. Before this I were still rushing my assignments and presentation like mad dog wtf. Yet, now is the last day I'm staying in Melaka... Tiring days are about to start. Coffee, juices, cream... syrups, gonna stuck in my holiday =( Hope that I'm still capable to work like Superman! Fast and clumsy... wtf. haha.
Got a call from my manager that i got to help as an angel. *grup* i might look innocent, but... (haha. need not to mention here) I AM SCARED!!! if people ask me to act like something weird or funny i still can take it, but not this time >.<''' hopefully things goes smoothly as how i worked... *Santa, please bless me!*

i miss...sweets that have all that you want :)

the one and only afraid of paparazzi

the moment that all of us will miss

cooked by my dad, curry by mom;
nowadays my dad has become houseman,
but everything he did not bad compare to mom :D
*Hoo-ray Pa!*

awaiting season

Merry X'mas! people...
*i need a mistletoe* (to make it perfect *wink*)

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LawrenCe said...

hey, you're gonna be angel? on the 28th you will visit some orphanage thing. if im not wrong la coz i go read all the email in the store. hahah.