Saturday, January 02, 2010

Merry 2010!

Terrible traffic jam for almost 2 hours for us to get home... what a shame. and now, I'm staying at home to be out from the traffic. (phobia me ==''')

Well, another day that Im lying on the floor waiting for my mates to come back the ''Rose Lane''. the Summer sunshine is still in Combodia while lil' Froggie mama was back home for more wedding/makan dinner XD For my lovely red Apple is protected/accompany by the purple Muskerteer £ days straight... (sorry for not being there) And lastly, the kinky Bunny was having a drinking session for her bunny-sista in the lane ;)

I'm waiting for the moment to be there, and have a gather for the year 2010. Waiting you girls in the lane ~