Friday, February 12, 2010

Balik kampung!

2 more days to CNY plus valentine. this year will be red! :D good time always passed fast. flash like moment =( sabah, penang, johor, melaka...

.early birthday celebration for shireen..movies catch-up with the boy.
.shopping spree with the mates.

things listed were all done, and is time for everyone to get home (collect ang pows! haah).

Luna new year hopefully will be a good year which the boy need not to play nonsense-brainless game (according to him, but still continue playing since 3 days ==''')

this cny is slightly different from those i had before. dad had his early retirement; mom not a housewife anymore; my brother no longer in college... same occasion, different environment. still, i can feel the love ;)

Little red ridding hood, i will miss you! through out the leaves >)

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