Friday, December 24, 2010

i'm looking forward,

for another vacation! 2011 is just right at the CORNER!!... I'm totally going to plan for another holiday trip =] Work is going to be done, i'm now stressed cause the schedule already fixed till June in the coming year...
So, what is your new year resolution?? harr... still early for planning it huh! Right now, i'm nervous on my baby's return!! wee ~ my x'mas present is totally delayed... promised i'll show it once i've time *wink-with-cheeky-smile*
Well, let's go out to the park and shout-out-LOUD before the year ends!! i'm definitely going to have a picnic this saturday (demanded)!!

1 comment:

JuNi3 said...

hey! happy new year dear! and where are you working? hope to see u soon :)